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Do You Take Responsibility For Your Life (Pt 2)

*This post is entirely my own opinion and is intended to be a guide to help bring awareness to people’s actions that can be damaging their lives – that is all.*

What does taking responsibility for your life look like?

Your common emotions are passion, intrigue, determination, and contentment

As a follow on from the previous post, a person who DOES take responsibility for their lives will feel a mixture of more positive emotions. They’ll be a passionate, driven person who has a goal or dream that fuels their actions. They’ll be intrigued by all things in life, even the bumps in the road will make them think and feel “what is this teaching me?” And they’ll be generally more content in themselves and their pursuits because they know they have taken the necessary steps to get the life that they want.

You practice acceptance

A person who takes responsibility for their life and their actions will accept what is and what they cannot change. They know there is no sense in regrets and anger or sadness towards the past or the things in their world that they can’t control. And so, they actively accept those things and move forward.

You practice gratitude

People who take the reins in their lives will also be more prone to gratitude. This is because they have a wider sense of how things work in life and appreciate what they have and what they’ve achieved for themselves. They have awareness.

You take risks

A person who is actively taking the reins of their lives will also take risks. They know that life is found outside the comfort zone and that sometimes if you want big changes, you have to take big leaps.

You are the only one in your way.

You understand that failure is part of the road to success

A person who takes responsibility for their lives will know that in life there are ups and downs and though failures come, being knocked down by them or blaming others for them is no way to reach success. Instead, they accept them, learn from them, and try again – actively taking responsibility and realising that it was no one’s “fault” but theirs, and that’s OK.

You focus on what you do have, not what you don’t have 

A responsible person will know that what they have was down to them and what they don’t have is also down to them. Yes, there are factors like upbringing, society, disasters, poverty, etc. but a responsible person will know that there is no sense in focusing on the lacks in life and being bitter about it. It does not change the situation or help. Instead, they take responsibility, focus within and appreciate what they have as they plan to achieve what they don’t yet have.

You think, plan, act, analyse and repeat

This is a duh! Someone who takes responsibility for their lives and their actions will know that they need to visualise what they want, plan it out, act on those plans in whatever means necessary, analyse what works and what doesn’t, and then repeats the process until they get what they want in life.

You aren’t afraid of change

A person taking responsibility knows that there is growth and wealth in change. They know that there are things that they do daily, weekly, or whatever that are causing their life to be what they don’t want. And so they’re not afraid to grow, adapt, and change to do and be better.

You admit when you’re wrong 

Of course, a responsible person can admit their own mistakes, faults, bad actions, or poor words. They swallow their pride and maturely admit wrongdoing, fix the issue, or apologise (depending on the situation).

You have some confidence

Confidence (even a small amount) will naturally come to responsible people who take control of their own lives. They’ll be the kind of person who has been brave enough to take chances, mature enough to admit wrongdoing, and passionate enough to go after what they want with plans and research and gusto! And so, the confidence will come along with that.


Doesn’t that sound like someone you want to be? A person who takes responsibility for their lives and their actions and their current situation? Yes, we can all probably find something to blame for our lives, but we also need to realise we are responsible for fixing those situations. You can say “I have anxiety so it controls my life and that’s not my fault.” Yes, it’s not your fault that you have anxiety (nor is it my fault that I have it, too) but if you take responsibility and find ways to cope better and live despite it, your life will be better than letting it swallow you and control you.

In a similar way, think of all those people who have it worse than you. People in such poverty-stricken conditions. Do they blame god? Do they blame their country? Politics? Us? Probably not. Instead, they focus on what they have – family or beautiful land perhaps – and they try their best every day. Even that is a form of taking responsibility for your own life. If they can do it, so can you.

Playing that retched blame game will do no one any good.

Instead, try to do more of what’s on this post instead of in part one. Take responsibility for your life, and watch it change for the better.


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