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Do You Take Responsibility For Your Life? (Pt 1)

*This post is entirely my own opinion and is intended to be a guide to help bring awareness to people’s actions that can be damaging their lives – that is all.*

What does NOT taking responsibility for your life look like?

Your common emotions are: anger, jealousy, sadness, resentment, and hatred 

Anyone who doesn’t take responsibility for their life will often feel a mixture of negative feelings. They will be angry at themselves and others. They will be jealous of other people. They will be sad and feel stuck in that sadness. They will resent those with more than them. And they will hate…just about anything they can hate.

These emotions come out in a variety of ways, too. Like joking all the time in a mean way, coming off as kind of a bully or someone who can’t be serious. This often comes from a place of self-loathing and anger or jealousy or sadness within yourself. So, if you’re cracking jokes at other people’s expense, you’re probably not happy within and you don’t take responsibility for that.

You look to the past too much

A person who can’t take responsibility for their lives doesn’t take responsibility for their actions. They think that the past has led to this potentially “bad” present that they live in, and they keep looking back, thinking “if only that hadn’t happened, I’d have this or that.

You worry about the future

Similarly, people who don’t take responsibility for their lives look to the future too much. They keep thinking that in the future when they have the money or another job (etc) then their life will be better. They will be happier. They will have this thing or that thing that will “fix” their lives. This is not taking responsibility for your life because if you did, you would realise that you are in control right now in this moment and the only way the future will be better is if you take the reins right now. Stop focusing on what will be, and make it possible right now instead!

Find a way to be happy in whatever situation you’re in right now, you are responsible for your happiness.

You focus on what you lack

A person not taking responsibility is always complaining about what they don’t have. They’re bitter and resentful because they see only the lack in their lives and live in that lacking state. A responsible person would instead say to themselves that, “yes, I don’t have what I want but I can do X and Y to get it.

You play the blame game

Irresponsible people love to blame everything and everyone else for their problems. Every person they’ve ever met and every situation they can think of…except themselves.

You never apologise

Irresponsible people don’t take responsibility for their actions and so naturally they don’t apologise for them. Or if they ever do, you can tell it’s insincere and that they don’t see the error of their ways honestly and maturely.

You’re immature

Children have a knack for not taking responsibility, but that’s fine because it’s something they haven’t yet learned. Adults, on the other hand, cannot get away with it so easily. If you’re childish, blame others, point fingers, act stubborn, and moan all day long – then you don’t take responsibility for your life and you’re an immature person.

You have no goals, intentions, or aspirations

Of course, a person not taking responsibility will not actively put plans into place to change their lives for the better. They have no real wants and needs that they’re planning for or striving to achieve. They don’t take action or plot strategically.

You don’t push your comfort zone

If you were taking responsibility for your life, then you would realise that a lot of what you want from life can be found outside your comfort zone. Those who stay in their comfort zone will blame their comfort zone for their problems instead of being brave and stepping out of it actively themselves.

You don’t actively do anything to change your life

Irresponsible people don’t take action. They go with the flow and let life happen to them and then point the finger and get angry when it doesn’t go their way.

You wouldn’t know what to do if you were given £1 million today

Someone who doesn’t take responsibility for their life will always talk about a better life or how their life is unfair, but they often won’t know what to do to change it. They’re very good at moaning and blaming, but they’re not good at finding the root of a problem and working on it. A lot of people have problems due to money. Money, sadly, could help out most of us in our situations. But an irresponsible person wouldn’t even know what to do with it, and so they will blow the money and be right back at square one. And somehow, it will be someone else’s fault.

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