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Embracing Life’s Grey Areas (podcast)

Today I'm talking about how things can be true and untrue at the same time and that's totally confusing and totally normal! So we should embrace the grey areas, speak in fewer extremes and certainty, and free ourselves with questions that have no definite answers! You're ugly and pretty! You're dumb and smart! You're free… Continue reading Embracing Life’s Grey Areas (podcast)

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Journal Entry on Rising Anxiety

I think right now I just don’t feel grounded at all. Like my foundations are tectonic plates shifting. It’ll either cause mountains of beauty ... or an erupting volcano or a straight up earthquake. I don’t know which. I don’t feel in control of the outcome. It’s overwhelming, confusing, tiring, discombobulating, and has caused a… Continue reading Journal Entry on Rising Anxiety

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Catastrophising: What it is and how to stop

Catastrophising is when you "view or present a situation as considerably worse than it actually is." I do this a lot! As someone with anxiety and who has been through depression many times, I've been told this term in my CBT sessions. That a common thing for us to do when low or anxious is to… Continue reading Catastrophising: What it is and how to stop

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Life’s Contradictions: How to Deal with Many Truths

I believe a lot of things can sometimes contradict one another. That two things can be true at once but seemingly cancel one another out. The reason for this is because, well, life is complex... Think about it, many things in life are considered both bad and good. Or are good with pieces of bad;… Continue reading Life’s Contradictions: How to Deal with Many Truths

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Video: We Need ALL Areas of Healthcare

Caring about your health is important, but are you caring about ALL areas of your health? Do you know what I mean? No? Then give this a watch for some info! Emotional Health Mental Health Physical Health Spiritual Health Holistic Health All areas of health work together...   If you need any help… Continue reading Video: We Need ALL Areas of Healthcare

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The Three Morals of My Current Story

My current work in progress is a novel about five young artists at an art school (university) in England. They've all got their fair share of problems and at the school, they are able to confront these and finally better their lives. I wanted the theme of Identity to be at the centre of the… Continue reading The Three Morals of My Current Story

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How Does Meaning Influence Our Identity?

In today's Identity Series essay, I'm going deep. Real deep. I aim to cover the following questions in both a philosophical, personal, and psychological manner: What is the meaning of life? Why do we do what we do? How do our choices and beliefs influence one another and then contribute to our identity (who we… Continue reading How Does Meaning Influence Our Identity?