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Book Review of Sacred Powers: This Book Has Changed Me!

I loved this book! Simple, review done!

Joking aside, this book was unexpectedly great. I bought it because my favourite YouTuber (Kalyn Nicholson) always mentions it. To be honest, I feared it would be some wishy-washy nonsense.

Oh, how I was wrong!

It was wonderfully written and easy to read, firstly, which is unexpected from a spiritual book. He is clearly a down to earth man who loves meditation and self-exploration. Not some hippie-dippie guy who knows nothing or too-much, if you get what I mean!


Anyway, I loved this book because it reminded me of Brene Brown. I read The Gifts of Imperfection and Rising Strong last year and adored both of them. They both encouraged me to look within and get journaling and opening up about my deep-rooted beliefs and emotional reactions in life. These were the birthplace of my workbooks which you can download from my site.

The reason David Ji’s book, Sacred Powers, reminded me of Brene Brown’s is because, once again, I got out my journal and dove deep. And I mean DEEP!!

I unearthed some heavy stuff that I won’t mention here. It’s personal, it’s painful and I’m still working on it. But he has a brilliant way of holding your hand and gently walking you through the garden of your own psyche…

He points at a tree and asks if there’s apples growing there or oranges. If the tree is tall and fruitful or shrunken and barren. He then guides you to the river and has you look at your reflection in the rippling waters. He asks what you see. Are you the water? Are you in the water? Is the water in you?

This may sound crazy to you, I don’t know. But anyone who has been actively trying to better themselves, work through their past, heal, change their lives, or connect deeper with themselves on a mental, emotional, and spiritual level should read this book.

And as I said to a friend of mine, when reading this kind of book it’s okay to take what you need and what serves you then forget the rest. You don’t need to believe in God or do the full-scale meditations that he suggests, if that doesn’t resonate.


So, what did it cover that I found enlightening, eye-opening, and healing? Here are but some of the gifts it gave me:

  • Awareness of my awareness
  • How to be present
  • Figuring out how much attention I’m giving to areas of my life
  • Mantras for meditations
  • Permission to “begin again” in any moment
  • Rebirth and renewal
  • Highlighting problem areas within myself
  • Redefining who I think I am
  • Analysing how I have been “winning” in life and realising that it wasn’t serving me
  • Chakras and means of opening them; Throat and Heart chakras in particular
  • Sacred questions to ask myself for clarity, change, and awareness (became journal prompts)
  • Setting Intentions
  • Transformation and evolving
  • Emotional healing
  • Hand-me-down belief systems
  • Forgiving myself
  • Slower living
  • Abundance mindset
  • Trusting the universe and myself
  • Divine love
  • Nourishment versus Distractions


“What I seek, I already am”


I wish I’d wrote this post as I went along, so that I could better capture all the amazing things he said. I did take plenty of notes and followed along with the activities in the book, but sharing it all here wouldn’t work.

I just want to urge anyone who is lost, unconfident, sad, emotionally scarred, or seeking something more (a Higher Force) to buy this book. I’m sure I’ll read it again in my lifetime.

It was beautiful and it was wonderfully symbolic that I just happened to read it the week of Easter (a time of rebirth), my 25th birthday, and the coming of Spring. Actually, I think that was no coincidence at all…


Get your copy of Sacred Powers from Amazon here! (I got my second-hand from eBay).

Take care.




S. xx

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