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Elements of Spirituality

Ever wondered about spirituality and what it involves? Ever wanted to be more spiritual as part of your personal growth or healing journey? Ever wondered what the components of spirituality are and how you can to be more spiritual?

Here are my ideas about spirituality and what it involves thus far on my own journey…



Spirituality must involve being open. Open to ideas, options and solutions that you’d never considered before. Open to learning and teachings from all sources. Open to possibilities and unexplainable circumstances. Just being open and welcoming to life and the unknown.

If you can open your mind, heart and spirit to all things, you are in a good position to deepen your spirituality.


Openmindedness must include trust



Trust is about letting go of control or the need to be certain. Trusting that even with letting go, you will be steered or alerted as needed when you are in a place of trust. This isn’t about indecision or inaction; it is about knowing and believing that deep down you will be guided when the time is right.

Some things in life can’t be thought-about to the point of resolution, and so, we must surrender and trust instead.


Trusting includes a belief in a higher intelligence


Higher intelligence

You must believe in something greater. Not just a God or the Universe, but just something outside of your consciousness that knows more than you do. This could be your intuition, your spirit, your inner sense of knowing that it often clouded by logic, reason, emotions or subconscious thought.

Some things are unexplainable. How we just “knew” that we should do something but can’t explain why. This is higher intelligence.


To channel or connect with a higher intelligence, you may need a practice



Spirituality for many people involves some sort of practice that connects them to their beliefs and inner-world. Something to create a tether or a link, if you like, between your awareness and a higher force or deeper knowledge.

This could be things like meditations, prayer, yoga, journaling, walking, mindfulness, breathwork, or other (there are many options). These practices are personal and important for feeling in-tune with your spiritual self.


Your chosen practice may help to shift and widen your perspective



Having a spiritual practice and awareness has helped me to deepen and widen my own perspective. To consider life, the world, other people, and myself from all angles. There aren’t just two sides to a story; there are many. Layers upon layers come together to create our perceived reality, all of which are subjective because they are altered by our own experiences and emotions.

No two people look at something and see or feel the exact same thing.

Spirituality involves considering perspectives and multiple truths in life. As I said, to be open to possibilities and the layers to who we are and what we do in this world.


Your open perspective in life should leave you in a state of awe and appreciation


Awe and appreciation

My own spiritual journey has helped to open my eyes. To open my heart and soul to deeper meanings and the beauty all around and within me. Seeing this brings me joy and leaves me in awe of the world.

I now appreciate the beauty of others. The possibilities of life. Crying at everything from a mountain to a movie means my heart is open; I see the beauty and wonder, and I am left appreciative and in awe of it all.


Your sense of awe will give you a greater sense of hope



And then when you are open, trusting, aware of higher intelligence, practising regularly, shifting your perspective, and are in awe of life, you will be filled with hope.

A hope that things can get better. Hope in humanity. Hope in the possibilities. Hope in your own abilities. Hope that you will live a very good life and be supported in many ways along your journey.


For me to feel hope, I need a few things:

  • A tether to the light, the good (something that makes me happy, like reading or writing or loved ones)
  • A support system around me
  • Trust in the future
  • Trust in myself
  • Options (to know that I can choose something else)

There is no hopelessness when you believe in something greater than you. A grand plan, a helping hand, a higher intelligence, or a happy ending. No, the happy ending may not be what you thought or wanted, but it can still be happy when you shift your perspective and are open to its possibilities.

All we really, truly need in life is food and water, shelter and companionship. If you have these then you are lucky. Your needs are met and there is definitely hope to be had.

When I am feeling more spiritual, I am filled with more hope and trust. If you are struggling with hope, then spirituality may be the thing for you.


Let me know if you have any advice for me and the other people who are on a spiritual journey right now.

Good luck x



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