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Analysing Our Insecurities: Intelligence

This post is a rough analysis of intelligence as a key insecurity that many of us have. I had analysed this for myself by myself first, but I wanted to share because doing so felt very therapeutic and eye-opening. Some of it is in short-form, like a stream of consciousness of ideas to do with… Continue reading Analysing Our Insecurities: Intelligence

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Elements of Spirituality

Ever wondered about spirituality and what it involves? Ever wanted to be more spiritual as part of your personal growth or healing journey? Ever wondered what the components of spirituality are and how you can to be more spiritual? Here are my ideas about spirituality and what it involves thus far on my own journey...… Continue reading Elements of Spirituality

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Life’s Contradictions: How to Deal with Many Truths

I believe a lot of things can sometimes contradict one another. That two things can be true at once but seemingly cancel one another out. The reason for this is because, well, life is complex... Think about it, many things in life are considered both bad and good. Or are good with pieces of bad;… Continue reading Life’s Contradictions: How to Deal with Many Truths

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Recognising Your Life’s Patterns

Learned behaviours, habits, defaults, emotional reactions, schemas, they are all patterns. A string of connected things that come together to form what you do and who you are. Day to day, we are choosing things for ourselves, consciously or subconsciously. Today I've briefly covered the topic of the patterns in our lives and what we… Continue reading Recognising Your Life’s Patterns

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Beliefs that Hold Us Back (Video)

It's Day Four of the Confidence Challenge and the end of week one! Today we're talking about our beliefs and how they may be holding us back and making us feel less confident. Plus, here's today's challenge. Click to play!   Have you filled in this week's worksheet? Here's the link: Confidence Challenge Week… Continue reading Beliefs that Hold Us Back (Video)

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Podcast: How to Reinvent Yourself

In life, we all go through periods where we are forced into a transition or when we feel ready for one. This time of reinvention can be hard to navigate when you're uncomfortable and unsure. Here are some of my thoughts and tips about how to reinvent yourself in times of transition... Click to play!… Continue reading Podcast: How to Reinvent Yourself

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Podcast: You Are What You Believe

Your thoughts and feelings come from your deep-rooted beliefs. Knowing what these beliefs are can change your life, for you are what you believe. You see through the lens of your beliefs about yourself, your life, and your world. Get some perspective and widen your view through a change in your beliefs. Here's how...  … Continue reading Podcast: You Are What You Believe