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3 Lists to Make to Know Yourself Better

It’s probably no secret that I love making lists! Making lists sort of soothes me. It organises my chaotic mind! And to anyone who is like me, I do encourage list-making in order to organise your mind, too.

Lists are easily digestible. It’s a way of looking at something quickly and taking in that information. And so, just to begin, here are 3 great lists to make to know yourself better and organise your mind/who you are…


What makes you happy?

It’s important to know what brings you joy. Anyone who doesn’t know what makes them happy is at risk of not bringing themselves joy! I mean, life will bring us joy naturally, but there will be moments when we need to make it happen for ourselves.

Say you have a day off from work or something. What are you going to do? Some people twiddle their thumbs and feel uneasy; I think this may be because they don’t have any hobbies or interests, or don’t know what they like! And what a shame that is?

So, now, go ahead and think up a great long list of things that bring you joy.

  • The first cup of coffee in the morning
  • Crisp Autumn walks
  • Writing in a coffee shop with ambient sounds playing on your headphones
  • A new album from your favourite recording artist
  • A new book
  • Baggy jumpers


What makes you sad?

Just as it’s important to know what makes you happy, you should know what makes you sad. Not so that you can make yourself sad on purpose, of course! But because it’s good to know what your triggers are. What situations, people, or tasks make you feel low.

That way, you can either reduce these things, or you can better deal with them because you are prepared. You are aware of the fact that it makes you feel sad, and so you can approach it differently or pad that situation with happy things around it to make you feel less sad for less time and feel more balanced.

  • When I am struggling to write
  • Talking about my dad
  • The past
  • When someone questions my ideas or beliefs harshly
  • When I haven’t slept well
  • Deep Winter
  • High anxiety
  • Overwhelm and high stress
  • The pain of my loved ones


What makes you anxious/afraid?

And lastly, it is important to know what makes you feel deep fear. What makes you anxious, afraid, unsure, and shook? This isn’t spiders or heights, though you can add them to the list if you wish; go deeper.

What specific things make you feel very uneasy? What gets your heart racing?

Knowing these things helps you because it means you can again foresee the coming of worry and prepare for it or brace yourself. You can choose to work on or confront your fears to reduce them through brave steps. You can just know yourself better and that’s always a great thing.

Knowing what you’re afraid of can give you power over yourself and your mind, rather than being thrown off whenever something happens.

  • Unexpected changes
  • Crowds and groups of people
  • Social events
  • Travelling
  • The future
  • Tiredness or Hunger
  • Situations outside of my control
  • Deadlines
  • Waiting on something


Knowing yourself is life-changing. I feel like the last 3 years or so has been about learning to know myself better. This helps me in ways that are hard to explain. It’s just about confidence, power, truth, and self-worth.

Knowing who you are gives you strength and awareness and I will always advocate for that.

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