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Confidence Building Challenge Coming August!

Confidence Building Challenge august 2019

What is the Confidence Challenge?

The Confidence Challenge is a month-long challenge/topical discussion around the idea of confidence: how to be confident, building confidence, knowing yourself, trusting yourself, seeing yourself as you are and so on.

Each day I will be posting a challenge for you all to complete that will help you to take a small step towards better confidence.

This is in blog form, podcast form, and video, across all the platforms of Mindset Managed.


Why am I doing the Confidence Challenge?

I will be doing this alongside you all because one of my intentions and desires for this year was to improve my confidence. I thought it was about time I got on with building my confidence already!

I also want Mindset Managed to become a community. Meaning I want us to know each other and work together as kin. To share ideas and insights and inspire one another to change our mindsets, discover our true selves, be as healthy and happy as can be and, of course, boost our confidence!


What to expect throughout the month

The Confidence Challenge Schedule:

Mondays – Podcast episodes on a confidence related topic (including a challenge inside)

Tuesdays and Thursdays – Blog posts on a confidence related topic (including a challenge inside)

Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays – Videos on a confidence related topic (including a challenge inside)

Every day – Mini videos (max 2 minutes long) with a challenge and explanation in them posted to YouTube, socials and my blog.


Let’s do it together!

I want you to really get stuck into this; make sure you do the challenges at some point in the month at least if you can’t do it that particular day.

Tell others about it and encourage them to, too. Together, we go further after all.

Share it with social media as well. Hashtag #ConfidenceChallenge across socials so that I can see what you’re all doing during this event!

Welcome to the Mindset Managed Crew! We’re glad to have you here and I wish you luck during the Confidence Building Challenge.

Check back here tomorrow for the first challenge and bit of advice about how to be confident.

Bye for now!


Confidence Challenge Mindset Managed

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