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Weaknesses and Imperfections

Welcome to the first day of the Confidence Challenge!

Every day this August, I will be setting “challenges” for you all to complete to help you build your confidence and thrive for the rest of the summer!

What to expect from the Confidence Challenge:

  • Snippet videos with a challenge in them for you to do
  • Content and advice on confidence building: in blog, video, and podcast format (ensure you follow them all to not miss a thing!)
  • Worksheets each week to guide you through getting the most out of the content and building your confidence
  • A workbook with everything you need at the end to keep your confidence levels sky-high whenever you need a boost!
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Let’s get to today’s topic…


Weaknesses and Imperfections

I believe that one of the greatest reasons why we lack confidence in ourselves is because of a long list of weaknesses and imperfections that we think are “evidence” as to why we aren’t worthy.

We hold on to these tightly and decide that we have no real value, thus don’t deserve confidence.

Our biggest setbacks on the confidence road are from thinking that we have a good, true list of reasons as to why we don’t deserve to be confident: I’m this, I’ve done that, I failed at that…

Sure, you have weaknesses. Sure, you have imperfections. But who the hell said that means you don’t deserve to sing and shout out about your strengths and the awesome parts of yourself and your life? Who the hell said you’re not worthy and valued?

We need to rewrite this list.


Confidence despite weaknesses and imperfections:

Get real

What needs work or changing within yourself and your life? Once you know these things, get to work on them without beating yourself up.

What’s not true or even important? Get a list together and work on letting them go! If it’s not true or important, what’s the sense in letting it drag you down?

Work on what you can work on, but let the rest go by accepting them or forgetting them.


Bigger picture

Understand that you focusing on and only believing in your weaknesses and imperfections is ludicrous! We all have them. Focusing on them only shortchanges yourself. It’s just a negative message you’re sending to yourself that you needn’t send in the first place. Balanced people have flaws and greatness within them.

Choose your focus wisely.


Sadly, we all have a Negativity Bias. Meaning that our brains aren’t too clever and usually naturally focus on the one bad thing over the ten good things. This means we have to work a little harder to shift that focus, but with self-awareness and self-discipline, this isn’t hard.


Highlight your strengths

It is important to work on weaknesses that actually need work: like your social skills, your bad habits, your self-talk etc. But don’t bother wasting time on weaknesses that are not actually important: math skills if you’re not a teacher, ability to speak Latin if you have no interest in Latin…

Instead, the smart move is to focus on your strengths. Improve your strengths. Use your strengths. Highlight them to the outside world.


Jay Shetty had this advice to share in his podcast:

Focus on your strengths when it comes to your hard skills (speaking, math, writing, analytics). Focus on your weaknesses when it comes to your qualities, your soft skills (conflict resolution, mediation, support etc). Build these up and you’ll find meaning and happiness.

What do you love to learn and what do you love to teach?

Focus on natural strengths and talents and nurture them deeper.

Go outside of your comfort zone with your strengths to take them further.”

He’s a really smart dude, you should listen to him!


There is no perfect

Perfectionism is a real problem and it steals from us. Trying to attain perfection or waiting for perfect means we will never act, achieve, or create.

Perfection doesn’t exist. Especially not in any person or their actions or their life. Stop aiming for it. Stop believing that it exists in others and that you will never have it or be it for yourself.

The only thing that is perfect is the you that you are each day; just as you are that day.



Your first confidence-building challenge is to express your sincere gratitude for the hard times in your life. Express gratitude for the lessons, the redirection, the strength, the insights, the experience. Be grateful for hardships, failures, fears, weaknesses, and imperfections for these are a part of life and ourselves. They bring balance. They give insights and help us to understand the world on a deeper level.

Write these down or speak about them with someone or speak about them in prayer/meditation/other.

Good luck!

Worksheet to complete for this week: Confidence Challenge Week One Worksheet


See you tomorrow for the next challenge! There will also be more talk about how to be confident in video form on my YouTube channel. Subscribe so you don’t miss a thing!

Please, comment below with why you are doing the Confidence Challenge, what you are grateful for, and what you’d like help with this August.



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