Discussing CHANGE

Things change very quickly. In the blink of an eye, everything that seemed like a far-future is suddenly your everyday life. The change happens and we miss it.

There is a sort of paradox when it comes to change, though. We want it, yet we resist it. We all go through it, yet it feels like nothing ever changes. Right? Well, let’s discuss…


Choosing it

I think we all go through a time in our lives when we wish things would change. Where we wish we could change our habits, our weight, our talents, our style, or whatever else. So, why do so few of us actually make changes?

Because we all do the wishing, but few of us do the acting.

I believe that once you choose change, and really choose it with all your heart and soul, change will then occur. The universe will see your resolve and help to make it happen.

I used to want to eat better. I was a fussy-eater for most of my life. Then one year, something just changed. I started to eat better, and I’ve never gone back. I’m unrecognisable to the girl I used to be.

So, what was the difference between that year and all the others before?

I didn’t really want to change before. Not nearly enough. Because there was no real issue with my eating. I wasn’t unhealthy or at risk. So, there seemed no real need to change even if I wished for it. I wasn’t willing to work for it.

Until I was. Until I chose it on the inside. Then once you choose it will all your heart, you work for it. You act and make it happen, and the universe supports your pursuits.


Resisting it

Someone once said, “what we resist persists,” and I think that’s true. We resist fear and failure and this causes more of the same to occur. We resist people and places and suddenly we find ourselves seeing those people or visiting those places.

Resisting change doesn’t stop it from happening. Fact.

When you meet change or the coming of a change with resistance, you are causing it to be worse. You are stealing from your own happiness. Instead, to embrace the change, whether it’s good or bad, will help you to feel better about it.

Instead of it being the closing of a chapter, you can choose to see it as the beginning of one. Welcome what this chapter has to bring you. Everything happens for a reason, bad or good. It’s here to teach you something, so let it in.

Do not resist what you have little or no control over.


Needing it

Sometimes we want change, sometimes it happens when we don’t want it, but what about when we need it? Does the simple fact that you need it make it so? Does needing it mean you enjoy the process? Often, the answer is no.

Again, with my food, I wanted to change but I didn’t need to. Not enough. And I feel this contributed to why change didn’t happen back then. But sometimes, even needing it isn’t enough. Because sometimes, we think we need the wrong things…

I think the universe (or whatever or whoever you choose to believe in) knows what’s best for you more than you do. The job you think you need might not be what the universe knows is best. The love interest or friendship that you’re chasing may not be the person you actually need in your life.

So, when our “needs” are out of alignment, the universe will not give it to us. If you have a need for a specific change and you’re frustrated that it’s not happening, ask yourself if this is a real need for you. Ask yourself why you want it (or need it) and if it’s actually meant for you.

The intention behind a decision is key. Truth and authenticity are, too. We’re often very confused about what we actually need in our lives, so perhaps change happens according to a real need, not an imagined one.


Mindset and Language

Instead of “going through change”, what if we chose to grow through it? Or glow through it? In fact, instead of going through change at all, what if we go with change, willingly and without resistance or struggle?

Growing with change

Glowing in change

Those sound good to me. They’re much less scary, right? Because yes, change can be hard but it’s hardly ever bad. Never all bad. It’s often needed to get rid of waste, to make you stronger, make things better, or make you aim higher.

Losing your job may not be a punishment. Maybe it’s the change you need in order to go for that dream job you were too afraid to pursue.

The end of that relationship may have been an unwelcome change, but what if it’s the universe’s way of saying, “you deserve better“?

What if we changed how we thought about and spoke about change? Don’t you think it would make things very different when it happens? I think so.



Change is not the bad guy. Change also doesn’t hold all the answers. Change is a paradox because it both is and isn’t all powerful. Change is always present yet we never truly see the process of it. We shift from one state to the next and nearly always miss the road in-between.

It’s only when we look up and realise that we now have what we once wished for that we realise change has occured.

So, try not to resist change, fear it, or postpone it. There’s often an unseen plan in play that will bring you great beauty if you allow it.

Try to analyse what you think you want or need. It might be that it’s not quite right for you, not quite authentic, or just not the right time.

And try to actively choose things with intention and purpose in order to make real change happen in your life.

Paulo Coelho wrote in The Alchemist, “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”


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