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Expressing Gratitude

After watching one of my favourite YouTubers (Lavendaire), I decided to do one of her journal prompt suggestions, which was “what do I have now that I once wished for?

This is a simple question, yet I found it amazing and I couldn’t wait to write out what I had now that I once wished for. And of course, in doing this, I was practicing gratitude. I was presenting this list of positive life changes to myself in order to lift my mood, but I was also saying to the universe “I recognise what you have given me, and I’m so thankful for it.

Here is my list:

  • Self-employment
  • Travel experience
  • A partner who loves and supports me
  • Published books and readers
  • Ability to help people
  • More confidence
  • Food enjoyment and experiences
  • Ability to go out in social situations
  • Read avidly, routinely, passionately
  • Nicer hair and overall style
  • Employment experiences
  • Ability to practice yoga and meditation and have it work to heal me
  • Voice heard and appreciated – influence
  • Writing confidence, sharing, and have it read around the world

By listing these things that I once wished for, I recognise that I will one day have the things that I wish for now, too. It’s all just a matter of time. I remember the countless times I cried in my mother’s arms about my problems with food and social situations, feeling as though they’d last forever and my life would always be so limited, but now…oh how it’s all changed. And so quickly! I eat so many things now, and without reservation! I go out to restaurants without looking at the menu and panicking beforehand. I still have a way to go, but my god have I changed for the better and I’m so unbelievably grateful for this change in my life.

It is so good for our mental health to practice gratitude. To take a moment out of our busy lives, no matter who we are and how we feel, to just appreciate what we have. It’s easy to be jealous of others, or feel like you’ve not progressed enough, or to see nothing good in your life; but there is always something to write on your gratitude list. Even if it’s as simple as “I got out of bed this morning when I didn’t want to” or “I have my health.”

And please, definitely try the exercise I did today, for it opens your eyes so much. It’s wonderful. And once again, I’m grateful for everything I have now that I once wished for…and I will have patience when waiting for the manifestation of what I still wish for today.

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