20 things to do to end the year with happy cosy vibes

  1. Bake cookies (for Santa and yourselves)
  2. Drink hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows!
  3. Make something new
  4. Write a letter to loved ones you haven’t seen as much as you usually would and actually deliver it in their door
  5. Watch loads of 90s and childhood films
  6. Christmas films!
  7. Any inspiring uplifting films that warm your heart
  8. Research how to contribute to saving our planet!
  9. Read a feel-good book
  10. Watch animations
  11. Marshmallows by a fire
  12. Get one last thing done
  13. Decorate your home so Christmassy vibes
  14. Dress up nice for no reason
  15. Make a feel-good music playlist
  16. Read some heart-warming, “faith in humanity restored” stories
  17. Re-read a favourite book *cough cough, Harry Potter cough cough*
  18. Play a video game or board game with family
  19. Make your own soup or stew with soft bread or dumplings
  20. Make a blanket and pillow fort!! Bring your childhood into these crazy times


S. xx

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