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Ways to make the most of self-isolation

I don’t want to make light of this situation. It’s devastating and affecting so many lives and livelihoods. However, if you are someone who has to self-isolate (as many of us are) then here are some ideas to help you keep in good spirits.

  1. Read…like a lot!
  2. Catch up (on whatever it is that you’ve fallen behind on: emails, coursework, exercise, checking in on friends online, housework etc.)
  3. Learn something new: podcasts, TedTalks, YouTube, online learning platforms, etc.
  4. Quality time with those in your household
  5. Gentle, relaxing time (bath, face mask, nails, eyebrows, candles, Netflix)
  6. Exercise at home: in the garden, using household items for weights, yoga, dance etc.
  7. Eat well and intentionally
  8. Get cozy with blankets, hot drinks, and fluffy socks
  9. Plant something in your garden
  10. Journal your thoughts
  11. Redecorate your space
  12. Write something (blog, poetry, short story, novel, journal, memoir)
  13. Connect deeply with yourself (spiritually, inner world)
  14. Connect with your kids and play!
  15. Catch up on some needed rest
  16. Rewatch and binge great shows and films: Avatar The Last Airbender, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Parks and Recreation, HIMYM, Friends and so on.
  17. Have some discipline and actually read the books you already own for once! *cough, chough yeah, Siana, cough!*
  18. Message and support friends during this hard time
  19. Write letters
  20. Scrapbook
  21. Cook new foods
  22. Play video games
  23. Keep your brain active with puzzles and brainteaser games
  24. Family quiz time
  25. Watch or upload to YouTube
  26. Learn a language
  27. Revisit an old hobby or skill: painting, drawing, photography, interior design…
  28. Clean, declutter and tidy up your space
  29. Get organised and prepared for normal life again (get proactive!): travel plans, goal setting, financial plans, etc.
  30. Be more mindful and intentional about your spending, socialising, activity, and health


Here’s a link to Kalyn Nicholson’s list of 60 things to do (as she and many others have had the same idea about sharing tips!)


My personal “extra time inside” goals list:

  • Read as many of the books I own
  • Write my book (I have a new story idea that is in the very early stages so, with more free time, I’d like to work on this and perhaps get to finally actively write something this year!)
  • Write and perhaps share a poetry collection
  • Write a short story
  • Finish my OU module with a good grade (finishes the end of May)
  • Spring clean and revamp my space
  • Learn from my resources and the internet
  • Connect with my household
  • Get back into Yoga and meditation routinely and freely as needed
  • Cook some new meals
  • Journaling and self-reflection to connect with myself and my thoughts properly again


Good luck, stay safe.

It is better for everyone that we all practice social distancing. That we don’t go out as freely as we used to; only for the necessities. Help others where you can (and where appropriate).

Distance yourself from the elderly (your loved ones will miss you but their health comes first). And just be kind and don’t allow panic to push you over the edge. Don’t get distracted or drawn into the news and social media and the spreading of false information. Stay informed from appropriate sources.


Take care,



S. xx

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