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Afraid of 2021 – Decide what’s a big deal & break things way down (podcast)

Happy New Year and welcome 2021! Today I want you to think about and decide what is actually worthy of your stress, worries, and focus this new year. To take the pressure off because nothing is perfect or predictable - 2020 taught us that, at least. PrioritiesAnxietyChoiceSocietal pressuresValues and importanceMinimising Click to play! xx

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Ways to make the most of self-isolation

I don’t want to make light of this situation. It’s devastating and affecting so many lives and livelihoods. However, if you are someone who has to self-isolate (as many of us are) then here are some ideas to help you keep in good spirits. a lot!Catch up (on whatever it is that you've fallen… Continue reading Ways to make the most of self-isolation

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Endings and Beginnings (podcast)

All things come to an end, but that ending also means a new beginning. We often focus on the negatives with endings and scary beginnings, but there is so much beauty in a fresh start and a prosperous new chapter. With Spring on its way, new beginnings and rebirth are things we should embrace more… Continue reading Endings and Beginnings (podcast)

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How to Succeed with Your Goals: 5 Things to Remember About Goal-Setting

Specifics When setting a goal, it often feels harder to reach them when you don't have any specifics down. You want more money? Well, how much? Why? You want to travel, but where? It's also sometimes a good idea to pinpoint other specifics, like a time-frame or how you're going to achieve it. So, with… Continue reading How to Succeed with Your Goals: 5 Things to Remember About Goal-Setting