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Calling Yourself 5 Years Ago: What I Would Say to 19-Year-Old Me

What would you say to your 5 years ago self if you were able to speak to them on the phone for 5 minutes? Who were you 5 years ago? What were you doing? How does it compare to now? And if you could speak to that version of yourself, what would you say? I'm… Continue reading Calling Yourself 5 Years Ago: What I Would Say to 19-Year-Old Me

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5 Things NOT to Say to Someone in a Rut

What have you done today? You may think that you're being kind and asking about their day, but the phrasing of this is important to note. You're not asking how their day was or if they're okay, you're asking what they've done. This then brings about some reactions: I must think of something productive or… Continue reading 5 Things NOT to Say to Someone in a Rut

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My Autumn Bucket List!

Since the start of summer, I've been writing seasonal "bucket lists". I've only completed two, but I really love the idea. It follows the strategy of intentional living; trying to do things, instead of just living life by chance. Instead, you have a list of fun or challenging or season-specific activities. This ensures you're excited… Continue reading My Autumn Bucket List!

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Thoughts on Age & Balance

*An introspective piece...* Yesterday, myself and my partner went to see Kevin Hart (the comedian) live. It was an amazing night, where I laughed so much that I hurt. But before Kevin Hart came on, another comedian made jokes about age. He was talking about the differences between someone in their 20's and someone in… Continue reading Thoughts on Age & Balance

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Crafting your life – Poem

Trying to hold onto the paper, but it tears and tears, they fall. Cages lock me in. Every way you look, there's bars. I'm trapped. Foolish to think, I could ever be free. Freedom is an idea, That can't be made real. But we build Build Build. Chip away at the edges, Try to create… Continue reading Crafting your life – Poem