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Think About It: Stop Forcing Your Life

*Think About It posts are shorter, snippet shares to think about*


One of my problems is that I can get caught up trying to force things to be what I want them to be, or to mean something deeper than what it actually does. And, of course, this sets me up for failure and disappointment.

I’ve been thinking about this mainly around my creative works, trying to force ideas to be grand stories or brilliant content on my site but then suffocating the idea and falling short.

We need to stop forcing life so much and just let it be.


When we try to force things, we’re essentially expecting it to have a set outcome that’s desirable. We want this thing and expect that thing and feel sad when that’s not the case.

How do we avoid disappointment? Let go of expectations!

Stop forcing things to be something and see what it will be when we allow it to breathe.



Forcing things in life really comes down to the fear of things going wrong. The fear of failure or vulnerability. The fear of things being out of your control. We can’t eliminate fear completely, but we can choose to ignore it and do what we’re afraid of anyway.

So, in this case, let go of the fear that things will go wrong if you don’t force them to be what you deem to be “right”.



Control is an illusion. My personality type and anxiety means I like control. I feel anxious when I don’t feel in control. But life has a way of teaching us lessons we didn’t know we needed to learn, and one of mine is that control is overrated.

Being out of control sometimes is good for us. Life happens in-between plans! When there’s room for otherness, there’s room for spontaneity and thrills and newness and things that you just can’t plan for.

So, let that happen.

Let go of the wheel, sometimes, and let life lead the way.

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