How to Find Your Purpose

I think many of us get caught up in this idea that your purpose, your passion, what you’re meant to do with your life should be this big thing. This thing is often seen as very specific and often job-based, too.

But I don’t think this is the case.

For a long time, I thought my purpose was to write books and share them with the world. That’s also my passion. But now, I see the truth: it’s one of my passions; one of my purposes.

As Jay Shetty said, we all have multiple purposes and passions. They can be multifaceted all at one time; they can change over time; or once you’re done with something, you may move on to something else.

Our purpose shifts over time and that’s ok.

If you’re someone looking for your purpose or passion, then relax. One, you may already know it but don’t know you know it; and two, you need to stop looking for that one big specific thing that will take up your whole life and be your career.

How to Find Your Purpose


How to find your purpose

Stop looking

I believe that if you go looking for something, and obsess over it, it will continue to elude you. So firstly, stop looking so hard for your purpose or passion, and it just might find you instead.


Be aware

Take note of what you enjoy doing right now. The things that bring you joy and fulfilment. The places or people that make you feel at home. These may highlight something about you and your life that is linked to, or evidence of, a purpose and passion.



Life should be an experiment. We should never be fixed in who we are and what we do. Take some time to self-explore. To grow and learn and test the waters of all kinds of things, people, and places.

Trying new things is a great way to figure out what is for you and what is not.


Look within

We can get stuck looking all around so much that we miss the calling from inside. This isn’t me getting hippie-dippie here, but I do believe that when we get quiet and still, we silence the noise around us.

Suddenly, things can seem clearer.

We can tune in to our intuition, our spirit, our wants and needs and thoughts and ideas. Then, we can filter through it all to see what might mean something for us and our desire for a purpose.


Zoom out

As I said, we need to stop trying to be so specific about our purpose or passion. It might not be something so focused as write books, help out in Africa, sell fruit in my own store.

I believe in purpose and passions being less specific, especially if we’re looking at them as something to guide us in life, help us make decisions, and push us forward with excitement and trust.

So, zoom out. Think bigger. Maybe there’s a concept, a statement, or slogan for your life, rather than a specific task that you need to complete.


My Time On This Earth

So, what is my purpose? I see my purpose as more of mission statement. A North Star. A guide.

My purpose is to Serve the realm.

I took this from Game of Thrones! Varys says that his job or purpose is to “serve the realm, as someone must” and that really resonated with me. I want to do that, too. I want to serve my world, my people, my community. I want to help, heal, guide and inspire in any way that I can.

I want to leave the world better than when I came into it.

This informs my decisions on a personal and professional level.



On a more personal (deeper) level, my guiding force, my North Star, my goal, purpose, passion (whatever) is to gain inner peace.


I used to want to be happy. I even used to want to be successful and wealthy by societal standards. But now, I’ve realised I want something better.

I want to be at peace within myself.

This is a more secure thing to want in life, I think. For happiness can be taken away. We can’t always be happy. I won’t be happy when my mom dies or if my business went under. Success and wealth can be taken away just as easily, too.


But inner peace, that’s something that can always heal and help me. It means that when my mom dies, I can be sad and grieve but I will be at peace with it. I’ll accept it, trust myself to get through it, and feel deeply into myself to seek solace.

I’m also being guided by my desire to seek balance over anything else. This is in-line with my desire for inner peace. Seeking balance means not being too controlling but not letting go too much either. It means using tough love and discipline at times but using kindness and care at others.


This personal purpose and passion will guide me throughout my life, I believe. It will be a project that’s never finished. It will be something that leaks into and lifts up all areas of myself and my life.



My “purpose” is to gain inner peace and balance within myself and my life, while serving my community in any way I know how.

This could mean books, podcasts, talks, teaching, YouTube, or whatever. It could mean going back to education or travelling the world. I just know that when I go to make a decision or when I’m looking for answers, I can look to my purposes (my guiding North Star) and ask myself “Is this in service of my purpose? Yes? Do it. No? Don’t do it.

And that feels pretty good.

When trying to find your purpose, ask yourself, “What would bring me fulfilment and happiness if I did it right now, tomorrow, and potentially for the rest of my life?

And be open to whatever comes. Be available for shifts in your purpose.

It’s not about the how of your life, it’s the why that drives you forwards.


What’s your purpose? Let me know in the comments down below!


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