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How To Get Out Of A Low Mood

When you’re in a low mood, it can feel like it will last forever. You get frustrated with yourself because you want to have a good day, or get things done, but your mind is fighting against you.

Well, if you’re like me and you’ve recently gone through a low mood (or are in one now), here are some tips that have helped me…

How to get out of a low mood


Move your body

The first thing to do is to physically get up and move your body. Sitting dormant and tense in your low mood will only make it worse. Staying in bed or rotting in front of the TV is feeding the low mood.

Instead, step out of it by keeping busy and doing something physical.

  • Go for a walk or run
  • Stretch
  • Hit the gym
  • Lift some weights
  • Clean the house
  • Have a dance party!


Change your environment

Similar to moving your body, you can sidestep a low mood by changing your environment. As I said, sitting in the same space as the low mood will make it worse, so physically take yourself out of that space and you’ll soon see you feel a little better.

Walk, go to the library, go see a friend, or even just go downstairs or outside. Do whatever you can, but remove yourself from that space. Look for a healthier space, too, if you can. One that’s clean and orderly and inspiring. Fresh air would do wonders! If that’s not possible, make it so! Get to cleaning and organising!


Figure out the why

Taking the time (after moving away and taking a break) to figure out the reason behind the low mood is the key to feeling loads better. When you don’t know why, or you don’t face it, you are allowing the mood to grow and continue to affect your day. Instead, take control and get to the root of it.

Has something happened? Did someone say something? Did you not get enough sleep or energy-giving foods today? 

What’s going on? What’s this about?

(Use the resource below for help working through this)


Talk it out

If the low mood was brought on by a situation involving someone else, talk it through. I know that when we have arguments, we can often just hide away from resolving it and just wait for the other person to apologise.

From personal experience, I know that this doesn’t serve us, though. We can wait forever for an apology that isn’t coming. Instead, take your happiness and wellbeing into your own hands by stepping up to be the better person and fixing it.

Gently, fairly, and appropriately approach the situation when you have a better perspective of it and communicate your thoughts and feelings; then listen to theirs to resolve it.


If it wasn’t to do with anyone else, it is still important to talk it through with someone. Get a trusted friend or loved one to walk through it with you. A problem (or mood) shared is halved. Tackle it together and get some perspective.

It’s also crucial to talk it out with yourself. Not out loud, really, but in a journal or something that suits you. Take the time to work through it and reach a conclusion and new way of thinking that fixes the mood. (And can potentially be referred back to later.)


Replace the thoughts

It’s important in low moods to replace your negative, low, self-deprecating thoughts with fair, true, kind ones. Take the time to challenge your thoughts, find the truth, and replace them with something helpful, useful, and meaningful.

(Use the workbook below to do this on the worksheet provided)

Low moods aren’t a life sentence or even a day’s sentence! Learn what you need to learn, then work on getting yourself out of that headspace.

Good luck x


Download this FREE workbook to help guide you through fixing your low mood: The Low Mood Workbook

And for deeper self-reflection and working through tough emotions, check out the FREE Life Gunk Journaling workbook


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