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Affects of Authenticity on Your Mental Health

“Never forget what you are, for surely the world will not. Make it your strength. Then it can never be your weakness. Armour yourself in it, and it will never be used to hurt you.” – George R. R. Martin

You have to be careful with what you’re doing or saying. I believe that doing or saying things that are out of alignment with who you are and what you believe in, is one great way of digging yourself a bad mental health ditch.

Here’s why:

  • You’re essentially lying to yourself and others; lies create more lies, more holes, and confusion, and hurt both yourself to tell them, and those around you once the truth comes to light. (Which it always does).
  • Your soul/spirit (or whatever you want to call it) is sad that you’re ignoring the real you and your own wants and desires.
  • You’re allowing things like anxiety and depression into your life, by living inauthentically.
  • You will lose track of who you really are anyway…


But first, what is authenticity anyway?

For me, authenticity is living in alignment with the truth of yourself. To do what you genuinely want to do. To feed your soul, your passions, your likes. Authenticity means being YOU, not someone else, or who you think others want you to be.

Another way to put it would be with social media (I’ll talk your lingo!) Anyone who has tried to use social media for marketing and business purposes, will know that you need all of your accounts to match in order to reap the best results. You can’t have one saying one thing, and another showing a completely different thing. Your profile pictures should match, your names should match, your websites, your bio, your other accounts, and your “brand” as it were, needs to all be in connection with one another. Well, your life should try to work in a similar way. When various areas of your life align, and are putting out the same message, you go further, the right people find you, and you reap the best rewards! See?

An example of being inauthentic would be saying you’re this yogi or exercise nut through social media by posting pictures of you doing these things. When in actuality, you’ve done yoga once or twice; you work out every other month (etc.) See what I mean? You’re putting out the wrong message, giving a false impression, and being out of alignment with the truth of who you are.

I mean, I get it. Sometimes we don’t truly like who we are. Maybe you want to be a yogi, but hate that you can’t get into it routinely. Well, I say to that, that you need to accept where you’re at. It’s totally ok to be a beginner. It’s ok to fall on your yoga mat, or forget to practice one time. It’s normal! Everyone is a beginner before they’re an expert, and by beating yourself up for it or lying about it, you are only hurting yourself and limiting your progression.

Another example is with my writing. I’ve had people give me advice before on what to write. I’ve been told to quickly just write an erotica because they sell like hotcakes. I’ve been told to write some shoddy children’s book or a wishy-washy self-help book, because again, they sell well.


If I gave in and wrote those books just for the money, I’d A, be sad doing it. B, the money wouldn’t be enough fulfilment from it. And C, it would be out of alignment with who I am and so the book wouldn’t be good, the readers wouldn’t enjoy it as much, and I’d hate talking about it. Instead, by knowing who I am, and what I like to write, and then writing those things, I believe the money, the readers, and the love (from the readers and from myself) will come in time.

The universe rewards authenticity.

Here is what happens when you live authentically:

  • The universe pays attention to you; it rewards you; it has your back.
  • People buy into you more; people soak up your energy and want to live in a similar way.
  • The right people and things will come into your life.
  • You won’t have to lie.
  • You will be much stronger and resilient because you know who you are, what you have, what you want, and accept all the bad and the good.
  • You have so much more fun!
  • People appreciate honesty.
  • You realise who or what matters. Like if someone doesn’t like when you’re authentically and truly yourself, then they shouldn’t be in your life anyway.
  • And lastly, you will be more comfortable in vulnerable states, because you will trust in yourself, accept yourself, and love yourself enough to deal with whatever the outcome may be. You will be ok, and still be YOU.

“Live your truth then no one can use your truth against you.”

So yeah, that was just some thoughts I was having about being YOU. I feel like I used to spend a long time not trying to people-please, but at least (in parts) hide who I truly am. I didn’t feel like I could be me, which is so wrong.

Now, I accept that I’m not perfect and I’m a beginner in most things. I’m excited about the journey and meeting the right people along the way. I don’t want to do what everyone else is doing. I don’t want to be anything but ME anymore. I want to focus on myself and that starts with recognising who I am, where I’m at, and who I want to be. FOR ME!

And I hope you do this, too. It’s so healthy and a much better way to live!


If you need any help in bettering your mental health, or better coping with anxiety, depression, and stress, then my book “You’re As Mad As I Am” may be for you. Check it out here, and download a free sample to see what it’s all about.

If you want to hire me to write about mental health (or other), then don’t hesitate to get in touch!


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