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What Society Thinks of Mental Health

*This is my opinion, taken from my own feelings and experiences and the experiences of people I know who suffer from poor mental health too.*

You should just get over it

Not everyone feels this way, but I’ve heard so many people say that they feel people who suffer from anxiety or depression are simply weak. That they can’t handle their emotions or life in general. “Everyone has bad days, so just move on.”

This isn’t what mental illness is. Anxiety does not equal nervousness. And depression does not equal sadness. I feel that a lack of education about mental health, or a lack of experience with it, would be the only reason why someone would think this way.

It’s not as important as physical health

For me, this is crazy. The thing is, if we care about our mental health more, we will be better equipped to deal with everything else in life, and we will actually be better at looking after our physical health, too. Everything starts in the mind, so, take care of it. Simple.

Mental health = mental illness

When people say mental health, they don’t mean mental illness. Just like when you say physical health, you don’t mean a physical disability. No. Mental health means caring about the state of the mind. Nurturing it, working it, loving it, moulding it. Therefore, mental health is for everyone. Don’t only start caring about mental health once it’s too late and you do suffer from ill mental health.

Mental health practices are for hippies

I’m paraphrasing, but people often think that spirituality or yoga or meditation or mindfulness are hippie dippie techniques. They’re not. Don’t be so closed minded. These things help so many people, ill or otherwise. Ask any successful person in this world, and they’ll tell you that they probably meditate or do yoga or practice some form of spirituality at some point in their week. It helps us stretch the mind, body and spirit and better align them in order to feel stronger and go at life with everything we’ve got. Plus, don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. But if they’re really not for you, there’s so many other ways that you can strength your mind on a regular basis to better your mental health.

Mentally ill people are crazy

Crazy is such an awful word. Yes, some point with extreme mental handicaps can come off are unstable, irrational, or impulsive, but ask yourself who is this worse for? You, or them? They have to live with it. It’s their reality and they didn’t ask for it. So who are you to come along and make things worse by calling them crazy?

Plus, mental health issues or mental illness covers a large umbrella of illnesses and disorders, from the common ones like anxiety and depression, then bipolar disorder or eating disorders, as well as the more severe ones like schizophrenia, disassociation disorders, personality disorders, and more complicated ones that some of us haven’t even heard of.

So no, people with poor mental health aren’t crazy. Not all of them are unstable, in fact the majority aren’t, and the ones who are don’t need your judgment – they have enough to deal with. Why not turn it into support or education or simply mind your own business.

It’s not a priority for children

Luckily, this is changing in some schools, but I for one know that my life may have been different if mental health and well-being was practiced or at least talked about in schools. This would help children grow into healthy adults who are better equipped to deal with life’s lashes. Similarly, if the various mental handicaps that can occur in people were taught in schools, students may be diagnosed sooner, feel less judged, be better understood, and generally live a less stigmatised life.

Education is, after all, everything. It can give so much to us, if only it would give mental health more light…

Thank you for reading. You are a part of this society and so if you make a change in your mindset and better educate yourself about mental health, you will be effectively changing the world for the better for future generations.

So, please do…

If you need any help in bettering your mental health, or better coping with anxiety, depression, and stress, then my book “You’re As Mad As I Am” may be for you. Check it out here, and download a free sample to see what it’s all about.

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