“There’s No Room” – Poem

There’s no room to grow,

Within these four walls.

These hallowed halls,

Ring too loudly

Of the past.


There’s no room to breathe,

Among these toxic fumes,

That have been festering,

For years,

Within the minds

Of my family.


There’s no room to heal,

When the black clouds do grow,

Casting a shadow that covers

The entirety of our “home”.


There’s no room to change,

When everything else

Remains the same.

Everyone else,

Unbending, but altogether



There’s no room to dream,

When they all push their

Nightmares onto others.

The wrongs overpower the rights,

It seems.


There’s no room for flight,

My wings remain crumpled,

And fractured,

Unable to spread wide and beautiful.

Unable to fly and see,

The world for all that it is.


There’s no room in this place,

No room for me.

No room for my big dreams,

No room for my progressive moves.

No room for my cleansing attitude.

No room for my bending mind.

No room for my soothing words.

No room. No room. No room.


And so, I must leave.


I must spread my wings,

And like a bird,

I must seek

A place where I am free.

The perfect environment in which,

To plant my seeds.

And water them I will.

Water them I will.

Until I grow anew.

And then,


I shall return home.

With a smile and a body,

Too big to fit through the door.

But I’ll peer inside and see,

They’re doing just fine without


We needed the space to grow,

Each of us.

By leaving, you had more room,


And so now, the house and the people,

They’re not quite as small as they used to be.

We are tall. We are tall. We are tall.

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