15 Things to Do to Embrace the Spring Season

  1. Plant a flowerbed
  2. Buy fresh flowers for your home
  3. Do a rejuvenating yoga flow
  4. A fresh coat of paint in your home
  5. Go for a mindful spring walk
  6. Read a feel-good book
  7. Journal on how you felt in Winter
  8. Meet up with people who make you feel good (safely!)
  9. Journal on your intentions and theme going into Spring and Summer
  10. Read a new genre of book
  11. Watch a children’s or family-friendly film and connect with your inner-child
  12. Move your body actively: a sport, a jog, hike, yoga, pilates, rock-climbing, gym, swimming…
  13. Cook a new meal
  14. De-clutter or reorganise and clean your space: wardrobe, cupboards, drawers…
  15. Do some self-work and work on your beliefs and emotions


S. xx

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