10 Ways to Embrace Spring and the New Beginning

I like to set seasonal intentions to ensure I make the most of the season I’m in, as well as having goals and personal to-dos to look forward to. Here are some things to get you started with it being Spring and therefore a time of new beginnings and rebirth…

1. Switch up your routine – “changing the way you do routine things allows a new person to grow inside of you” – The Pilgrimage
2. Read something new and exciting
3. Go for a long walk in a new park
4. Plant some seeds (literally and metaphorically/spiritually)
5. Spring clean and decluttering session
6. Write or get creative in new ways (photography)
7. Try something for the first time
8. Plan a trip/ go somewhere new (when we’re allowed to!)
9. Visit family and friends (when we’re allowed to!)
10. Set and work towards a new personal goal

Take care, enjoy the season, set your intentions!



S. xx

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