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Cultivating a Lifestyle-Based Mindset (podcast)

Today's podcast is talking about focusing on who you are and what you choose to do today. Not big goals and to-dos, but who and what you choose in each moment. I'm covering habits and consistency, while reflecting on the fact that who we become and what we do in life always comes back to… Continue reading Cultivating a Lifestyle-Based Mindset (podcast)

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Feeling Safe: What Makes a Good Relationship (not just romantic)

Aside from feeling physically safe, which we all should feel in relationships, I wanted to explore some other ways that we should feel safe with our closest connections. This is what a healthy relationship looks like between two people: they both should feel safe to... Safe to be your true self Firstly, you should not… Continue reading Feeling Safe: What Makes a Good Relationship (not just romantic)

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10 Ways to Embrace Spring and the New Beginning

I like to set seasonal intentions to ensure I make the most of the season I’m in, as well as having goals and personal to-dos to look forward to. Here are some things to get you started with it being Spring and therefore a time of new beginnings and rebirth... 1. Switch up your routine… Continue reading 10 Ways to Embrace Spring and the New Beginning

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Certainties and Uncertainties in Life

Today I was thinking: we all have our certainties and our uncertainties. Let me explain... We found out that a girl at work was married, aged 25. Some of the girls were shocked but then I thought about the many (more than I once expected) people I knew from school who are now married with… Continue reading Certainties and Uncertainties in Life

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How to Make the Most of Autumn (Video)

Let's talk about how to make the most of Autumn. It is officially Autumn time now, and for some that's great but for others, it's not. However, it's here and there's nothing we can do but enjoy it! Here's how I'm going to enjoy Autumn... Click to play!   Don't forget to like, comment,… Continue reading How to Make the Most of Autumn (Video)

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Seeking Outside Validation

Caring too much, or giving too much weight to outside validation, is a dangerous game to play. It is a fast-track ticket to putting your self-worth up for debate in front of others. Validation should always come from within, first and foremost. What seeking outside validation looks like When we seek outside validation, we are… Continue reading Seeking Outside Validation

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How Others See Us: Identity

*Part of the Identity Series*   When I asked my grandparents who they are, they couldn't answer. When I asked them how they thought others would describe them, they suddenly could answer. When I asked my mom, she listed some great things about herself, but then she said other people think this and that about… Continue reading How Others See Us: Identity