Think About It: What Matters Most Isn’t Quantity or Quality

In life, in work, in love and everything else, it’s not about quantity

The number of years you live.

The amount of money you make or jobs you’ve worked or skills and qualifications and promotions you obtain.

It’s not about how many people you’ve loved or slept with.


But it’s not about quality, either (not always)…

The quality of your life matters but it’s not the only thing.

The quality of your work matters but it’s not the only thing.

The quality of your love life matters but…

I think there is something else that matters much more than quantity or quality at the end of the day.

Showing up.


What matters most is that you try to live a good life. That you show up for yourself and your life.

That you show up to work or tasks and do your best.

That you show up in love and be there as the best you can.

The thing is, we can’t always deliver quality. We can’t always “live our best life” every day. We can’t deliver our best writing each time we sit down to do a chapter (this is what sparked this post, by the way). And we can’t always be having the best time in our relationships.

But if we decide that no matter what, we are going to show up and just try, that goes a long, long way.


Quick Examples: It’s not about having sex as many times as possible each week. It’s not about having the best sex of your life every week. It’s just about having sex at all!

It’s not about how many times you do yoga each week. It’s not about having your best session. It’s about showing up to do it at all.

It’s not about how many words or chapters you wrote or read. It’s not about writing or reading the best chapter ever. It’s about showing up and writing or reading at all.



  • Get out of bed and do something even if there’s nothing you “need to do
  • Show up for your fitness needs by doing the jog or the gym or the class and just giving it a go
  • Sit and write for however long you can (100-1000 words are words you didn’t have before, you can edit later)
  • Show up and sit with your partner even when you’re drained and can’t give your 100% best self

Allow yourself to be imperfect or to not do as much as you thought


What matters in life is that you’re showing up for yourself, your loved ones, your duties, your passion, your craft, your work, your dream, and just trying your best with what you have to give that day.

It’s not the number of things we do that matters and it’s not the quality (our best work) that we do, either. It’s about the doing at all, that’s what truly counts.

Stop putting expectations on yourself. Stop forcing things to be the best all the time. Get some perspective and realise all that really, truly matters at the end of the day is that you showed up, you did the thing, and you tried.



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