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How Journaling Can Change Your Life (gift inside!)

*Read to the end for a special surprise!*

Journaling has changed my life! It is now a regular practice to get my thoughts out on paper, but it is also how I work through emotions and tough situations.

Journaling is not “Dear Diary…” at all; instead, it is how we can get to know ourselves, understand life, and gain a connection to the universe.

Here is how journaling can change your life…


Emotional health

Journaling is a key component in developing good emotional health. This means that your emotions aren’t continually negative, erratic, or controlling you. Emotional Intelligence is all about understanding, witnessing, and dealing with emotions in a healthy way.

The exercises they give you to develop better emotional intelligence nearly always tell you to write things down! This is what journalling can do for you. You regularly capture emotions, emotional reactions, and the thoughts and situations that go with them to then better understand what’s going on inside of you.


Mental Health

In a similar way, journaling helps with our mental health because it helps us to do two things. One, we can organise our thoughts. And two, we can bring thoughts into the real world.

I know that I am someone who can be driven to the edge by overthinking. With journaling, I am able to take my thoughts out of my head so that they can’t do me any harm. From there, I can work through the thoughts and 9 times out of 10, I can see that they aren’t serving me and so I rewrite them into something helpful and true instead.

This mental decluttering is great for a sense of mental wellness. It is a great stress reliever!


Spiritual health

I am trying to become a more spiritual person; someone who looks within and searches the soul and the universe for answers. Journaling is a brilliant way to do this, as you can write out questions and you often end up answering them yourself.

This is because you’re in tune with your spirit and a greater source (name it what you like; I like “universe“).


Growth & Self-Development

Journaling is a key tool for mindset shifting. You work out where your mind is at and then work on changing it. It also helps with organisation and chasing goals. Many people use journaling for visualisation practices to help them manifest their ideal self and life. This is the “act as if” idea or Law of Attraction.


Healthy Routine

Journaling is a healthy routine activity for a lot of people. It is a way to clear your head at the beginning or end of each day. Some people call these “Morning Pages“, where you write in your journal Stream of Consciousness style and see what comes up when you’re in flow.

This is a great practice for writers, too. It flexes that writing muscle, gives you insights into your mind (always good for inspiration for characters), and it helps you to articulate yourself better, too.


I like the phrase “Life Gunk” to describe the baggage, the emotional wounds, the psychological foundations, the trauma, the experiences, the past build-up that has left footprints in your mind and your spirit over time. This stuff, when left unattended, can grow and fester and create a very dark, cold space inside you.

I now have a Life Gunk Journal where I work through these dark spaces inside of me. The heavy stuff, the hard stuff, and the ugly stuff. Insecurities, limiting beliefs, things I haven’t forgiven, and lies I told myself.

It all needs to go but it can only go when worked through and replaced with beautiful, new beliefs. Journaling helps us to do that.

(Continue with this post for a free tool to help you do this too…)


Introspection & Understanding

Understanding yourself, situations, other people, the universe, what you want, and everything in-between. Learning about yourself. Reflecting. Digging deep. Many people don’t do this and in doing so, they are robbing themselves of the opportunity to gain empowerment, self-trust, confidence, authenticity, and self-control.

With a journaling practice, we can begin to see an accurate self-image and work on it or finally accept it. We can give ourselves power, by simply knowing who you truly are. Self-awareness is key, as I always say!

Do you know yourself? Because I don’t think most of us really do…


Journaling can be your ticket to self-knowledge, good health, strength, understanding, self-control, clarity, better decision-making, better writing ability, truth, and mental and emotional freedom.

Do not dismiss it…


I have a special surprise for you! I have created an Emotional Healing Journaling Workbook for you to download for free!

Emotional Healing Workbook (Click to download!)

It will help you to get into journaling by working through tough emotions and thoughts with a helpful, friendly guide. I’ve used questions that I’ve worked on myself so I know they work!

Download it now, print it off, and fill it out!

(I didn’t want you to be able to type in it because I believe we are freer with our thoughts when hand writing things. Plus, typing it out gives us the option to self-edit which isn’t helpful for this kind of exercise! So, print it out or use it as a guide as you write in your own journal).

*Also, you don’t need to print the front cover! Save your ink (as you don’t need to see my face) and just custom print the other pages*

Good luck and let me know what you thought of it. I’d love to keep providing you all with useful tools to help you grow.


If you need any help in bettering your mental health, or better coping with anxiety, depression, and stress, then my book “You’re As Mad As I Am” may be for you. Check it out here, and download a free sample to see what it’s all about.

If you want to hire me to write about mental health (or other), then don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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