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The Definition of Mother

What is a Mother?

A mother is not just someone who gives birth to you. A mother is someone who carries you in their arms and promises not to let go. And from the comfort of their arms, life is a little less scary.


I’ve never known a father; not really. But a mother, now that’s something I can define. Something I’ve witnessed all my life. For my mother is my everything. My reason for being. My motivation, inspiration, and dedication.

I am passionate because of her.

I am good because of her.

I am resilient because of her.

I breathe because of her.

She gives my life balance. She is home, a place of comfort. She gives me strength. She says, “It’s OK, I’m here” and I find comfort in her bosom like an infant even now that I am grown. Especially now that I am grown.


Mom, scars and all, you are beautiful. Every day you show me that scars and all, I am beautiful, too.

I can’t believe that sometimes the bullies come along and try to prove that you are less-than. Mom, no mother could ever be less-than. For not only do you do the arduous tasks listed above each day, but you also take on your own life and its turbulence. You take on our struggles while fighting through your own.

And never, not once, do you ever turn your back.





They all have the same definition.

Mothers are survivors. Survivors because they fall victim to so much of life’s lashes, yet they keep on. They rise again, sometimes stronger, sometimes not; but they always rise again.

You always rise again.


And people used to joke that I was like you. That I was turning into you. God, how lucky I’d be if that were true. To be like you is an honour. If I can fight life half as hard as you do, I’ll be just fine.


At this point, I’m rambling. I could produce a whole book about you, perhaps I will, but let me just say this:

For all those looking for the definition of Mother, look no further than mine. There is no greater example of surviving against the odds; wearing scars proudly; being open and vulnerable with others; loving unconditionally; never asking for appreciation; and always standing tall even when the world tries to make you small.



My mom is the best. She got her University Degree in her 50s and still takes regular online courses now. She lost her partner and was left to raise three children alone; she has been single and a single mother ever since.

Many times has she fallen victim to depression and anxiety, and her empathy towards me and my own has helped me become the confident mental health speaker that I am today.

There are many people in her life who don’t see her for who she really is. People who bully and treat her as a lackey. She is so good that she doesn’t see the ugliness in them; even when she does, she forgives.

My mom is stronger than I may ever be. I hate that the world and other people are so cruel to her at times. I wish I could fix it all and take the pain away.

If you love your mother (whoever that may be, blood or not) then don’t you ever let them forget it.

I think many of us forget that our parents are people too. They hurt, make mistakes, and bleed like the rest of us. So hold them tightly, express your gratitude, and be their helping hand, just as they have been you for you all your life.

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