Happy April Fools, You Fool (Poem)

God, you’ve made so many mistakes.

I’m surprised you can still keep a straight face

When you say that you’re proud of yourself.

How can you be?

You fool,

You’ve made so many mistakes.

The people you neglected,

The education you turned your back on,

The jobs you were too good for,

The story ideas you failed to manifest,

All of it.

Oh yeah,

You’re a failure, too.

A big one, at that.





You lost your friends because

Who wants to be friends with someone like you?

An anchor that drags them down;

A mind so ravaged by fear and thought and fear.


It’s funny because

You think you’re better than other people.

You’re not.

That’s your biggest failure,

Your greatest mistake.

In thinking you were ever anything more than


You think you don’t belong

Behind the tills, behind the desk?


That’s more than you deserve.


And you know what?

The most foolish thing you’ve ever done,

Really and truly,

Do you wanna know?

The greatest mistake,

The biggest failure,


Was in writing this poem.

In writing all the poems that

Are so bleak.

So self-defying,

So hateful,

So low.

Don’t you know that is it all


You are more than you know.

Every thought you have is real

And they’re not.

You are strong

And you’re not.

You are beautiful

And you’re not.

You are capable

And you’re not.

Like Schrodinger’s Cat,

Your life

Your abilities,

Your future,

Is everything and it is nothing.

It is both real and not real.

The only way to know,

For sure,

Is to open the box.

To take the step,

To make the choice,

To choose to speak.

So you speak.

And make sure that what you have to say

Is worth hearing.


Don’t you dare call yourself a fool again.

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