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Thoughts on Age & Balance

*An introspective piece…*

Yesterday, myself and my partner went to see Kevin Hart (the comedian) live. It was an amazing night, where I laughed so much that I hurt. But before Kevin Hart came on, another comedian made jokes about age. He was talking about the differences between someone in their 20’s and someone in their 40’s or 50’s.

As he spoke, I sounded more like I’m 40 than in my early 20’s. I sounded just as “old” as the 40 year olds he described…and it upset me.

That’s not to say I want to change my personality or force myself to party just because I’m 20, though; that’s wrong. What I mean is I need to be less serious and less…still.

Since I dropped out of uni, I started to take my life very seriously. I knew that because I’d made that hard decision to take another path, that I couldn’t afford to drift or dillydally or be irresponsible. I needed to take my life and career into my own hands and make things happen.

Then this year, I made it a “change” year. A year of progression and growth in every way. But perhaps I took that too far. I’m super proud of my growth and I feel like an entirely different person compared to last year. But I’ve also forgotten about being a reckless, fun-having, youth. A real twenty-year-old. I forgot about a time in my life that should be full of mistakes and self-exploration and silliness and freedom and “f*ck it“s.

I forgot to just live. I forgot that it is okay to be a little irresponsible when you’re young.

And so, I know now that I must remember the tattoos that are on my wrists. They are of the yin and yang.


That is what I need, and I think a lot of us forget about it. If you’re like me, and you’re in your twenties, you may need to appreciate this advice, too…

A balance between being outside, and being inside.

Between doing and relaxing.

Between working and playing.

Between running and walking.

Between seriousness and lightheartedness.

Between productivity and lazy days.

Between recklessness and plans.

Between dressing up and lounging out.

Between TV and books.

Between controlling and going with the flow.

Between alone time and time with others.

I know now that I haven’t been living in a place of balance. I’ve been very focused on progression, productivity, and how I can “fix” my life and my mind. But in focusing so much on that, I’ve lost balance. I’ve lost my health again.

Instead, I need to do more of what I had been resisting this month. More fun, socialising, letting go, being with people, being out of control, doing new things, and intentionally living.

If you feel tired, bitter, angry, jealous, bored, unmotivated, unfocused, depressed, or fatigued – then you need to make changes. You need to readjust. I did a podcast episode about this if you want to know how to do a Life Readjustment. However, when I did mine, I was focused on how I can better things and progress, whereas I should have been focused on how I could ensure balance in my life.

And you should, too.

If there is any advice that should be taken from my site, it is this: Balance is the key to all things. The key to success, happiness, a life well-lived, healing, and harmony.

Seek balance, not perfection.

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