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Spirituality is Everywhere

I’m sharing this because I’ve only just now realised that spirituality has been a big thing in my life for way longer than I thought. It’s only now that I recognise it.

I have a Yin and Yang tattoo on my wrists, which marks a very spiritual ideal of seeking balance in your life and noticing the good in the bad and the bad in the good.

In my books, the characters harness great powers but I emphasise that you can only do this well if you are mindful, believe in yourself, and are connected to the mind and the body. I even say that too much power, and trying to do too much will take a physical toll on the body that is damaging. This was something I was writing when I was a teenager without realising what it truly meant! In my latest WIP (work in progress), the kids with powers are meditating, doing yoga, connecting with nature, and being taught to believe in the Self, and explore the Self in order to use their powers and manifest their imagination!

I have a dreamcatcher in my room, a lucky Chinese cat with the moving arm thingy (yeah, great explanation, Siana), I had a mini zen garden with a Buddha and stones and flowers and tea candles and white sand and a mini rake(!), I have plants, I have crystals that I was given when I was young, I have a chakras necklace, and journals in abundance. All of these things I’ve accumulated over years, and they’re spiritual items. (Though, I know now, anything can be a “spiritual item“. It’s about what it means to you).

I’ve grown up watching Anime. My favourite TV show has always been Avatar: The Last Airbender. In these shows, the characters meditate, control the breath, and speak with higher beings. All spirituality!

And when I travel, I always think about how it makes me feel. I love sharing this in the form of writing (for myself and for others). But I always cry when I see something beautiful on my travels because my spirit is being filled and is overwhelmingly happy…

So, you see, I’m way more spiritual than I realise. In the last year or so, I’ve actively tried to enlighten myself and become spiritual, but it seems that I’ve been on this path for a good while.

And perhaps, so have you.

That’s the thing about spirituality, it’s not religion. It’s not a set of rules. It’s not the same for everyone. Isn’t that beautiful? You just may be more spiritual than you realise. You may be bringing things into your life that fill your spirit with joy. Go you! But, I think we could all do with doing this with more intention, too. For the healing affects it has is just liberating.

How to be more spiritual:

  • Read; anything you like, but mostly spiritual books, inspiring books, books about journeys or overcoming things etc. (Eat, Pray, Love is my current read, and is a spiritual book that I recommend to all).
  • Follow people on YouTube who are spiritually enlightened or who talk about better life, spirituality, and filling the soul.
  • Go for walks mindfully, without a destination or your phone with you.
  •  Travel.
  • Speak with people who you feel care about spirituality, too, and see what they have to say on the matter. But remember, what they do to practice spirituality isn’t what you must do too.
  • Write in a stream of consciousness. Let it flow out of you and then read over it to see what is going on inside.
  • Do more of what makes you feel crazily happy.
  • Find and print off or remember any giving and fulfilling affirmations and mantras.
  • Meditate. You don’t have to be a monk, just sit in quiet in comfort for 5-10 mins of your day – it’s simple and takes practice to get good anyway.
  • Do yoga. You don’t have to be flexible, I promise. I’m so not flexible; I can’t touch my toes, but I still do yoga. I do it my way.
  • Be in nature.
  • Speak to the universe, a higher force, deceased loved ones, or other, in order to connect to something that’s past the tangible, something that is past what is on Earth.

Why? Because any form of spiritual practice that works for you, even if it’s sitting and petting your dog for a minute to break up your day, can really heal you. It ignites the spirit, heals the mind, and relaxes the body. These are beautiful things for your mental wellbeing.

If you need any help in bettering your mental health, or better coping with anxiety, depression, and stress, then my book “You’re As Mad As I Am” may be for you. Check it out here, and download a free sample to see what it’s all about.

If you want to hire me to write about mental health (or other), then don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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