What I Seek

I don’t need beaches and scorching heat. I don’t need endless cocktails served to me in the pool. Bikini pics with a backdrop of palm trees and endless oceans are nice, but maybe I should think twice before thinking it’s for me.

Instead, I want mountains and vast landscapes of untouched nature. I want hot springs that seem implausible, found out in the middle of nowhere. I want to climb, panting and breathless, until I reach a summit and see…everything I never thought it possible to see, as a girl from Chelmsley Wood.

I guess I just want to be reminded, again and again, as many times as is needed, that I’m not trapped. That the world is bigger than I know. That the tongue I speak in is but one in thousands. There are thousands of ways to say I love you, and I want to say it to the precious animals we take for granted, the loved ones we forget are important to us, and mother earth herself in all her grant glory.

My life’s vision, mission, true north, if you will, is to feel at peace. This means an ease of movement in mind and body. A confidence and self-assurance that means little hesitancy and anxiety about what I am doing and who I am. I believe that means I need to seek a deeper interaction with the world around me. Not Instagram-worthy destinations just for the short-lived story, but adventures and experiences and sights that remind me of what it means to be alive. Things that make me stand up and gasp. Things that make me quick to write with inspiration that runs deep into my soul. I want to live. I want to know I’m living by being utterly enraptured by a moment.

When I write lists of achievements and exciting moments, they’re not the picture perfect ones, truly. But the moments of growth and deep beauty and awe. I want growth and beauty and awe in full. As much as I can capture.

What do you seek?


S. xx

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