A Thousand Sundays Like This – poem

Today the sun defied the rules of winter

Bursting through the clouds in disobedience

‘Let me shine,’ she sang

‘I have done my waiting!’

How fierce she is as she first strikes

And you realise how much you missed

Something in just a single moment.

The rays penetrate my windows,

A gentle hand warm against my cheek

Do I know you? Have we met before?

She’s so kind and delicate with me,

She knows I’m wary – I’ve been hurt before

It’s been a long time since I was touched

Like this.

Spring sun sprinkles her sonorous glow

Neat and tidy, yet chaotic and bustling

She is mighty. Mighty.

And perhaps she’s only sweet with me?

I know she can’t stay long

But will she promise me one more song?

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