‘What if’ – an open journal

What if after all this time, you were lucky and blessed all along?

What if those moments that felt endless were the ones that made you strong?

What if every fear you’ve ever had never sees the light of day?

And maybe you’re not actually the ugly one, the dumb one, the poor one, the boring one, the loser.

And couldn’t your losses have been redirecting somewhere better?

Every failure a signpost at a crossroads saying you can choose a different path; a better path?

And of course the failures aren’t failures until you give up trying, so maybe each pitfall was made to test your ability to climb back out of the hole?

What if all your hard work did pay off?

What if you got something pretty damn close to perfect for your life?

What if you are so incredibly loved and safe that no matter what, you’ll never feel completely empty? You’ll always be okay?

What if all those bad thoughts inside your head were wrong?


S. xx

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