Making Healthier Decisions for Yourself: Think Natural

This is advice I’m trying to follow for myself in order to make healthier decisions in my everyday life. One of my guiding intentions for 2021 is to take steps closer to what is more natural and good for me. To make healthier long-term decisions for my body, mind, and spirit.

Here is just an idea and mantra for thinking more natural when making healthier choices…

Think natural for my hair and skincare

I’m trying to embrace my natural curls anyway, but also trying to embrace however they show up! Instead of trying to make every curl defined and perfect. Instead of forcing away the frizz. Instead of hating how not perfect it is compared to pictures online. To just be me! Curls, frizz, wisps and all!

Natural is always a good idea. Our hair doesn’t need hundreds of products, heat, or to be pulled and prodded all the time. Let it be. Give it what is clearly needs and let it be.

When using products for your hair or skin, the more natural it is (no added chemicals) the better it is for your body, too. Check the label. Sadly, you may have to pay a bit extra for natural products but it’s worth if for how much good it does for your hair and skin.

Think natural for my food choices

And of course with food you should try to get closer and closer to what is natural! To what comes from mother earth! This means eating more plants and less processed foods. The less things that have been done to your food, the better it is for you.

So, when walking the aisles at the shops or market, try to pick the option with less unnatural things added to the food (and the packaging, if possible!). When cooking, try to cook your food in a more natural way with less added naughty sauces and spices and oil, too.

This is not a perfect science. Anyone who is deeply passionate about this knows how hard it is to be completely natural unless you grow the foods yourself! But simply keeping the idea of “natural” in your mind as you shop and cook will help you to be healthier. Don’t be hard on yourself and just try you best!

This also means thinking about what you are putting into your body generally anyway. Too much alcohol consumption? Drugs or medicine you don’t need? Could you get your vitamin intake more naturally? Too many sweets, chocolates, or additives?

Think natural for my thoughts

I’m trying to ask myself if what I’m thinking and giving energy to is natural or unnatural. Toxic or worthy. Some things do bear thinking about…others, not so much! Yet as an anxious, turbulent personality type, I give energy to all thoughts and that needs to stop.

Now, I ask “Does this thought serve me? Does this come from a healthy place?”

Think natural for my actions

And lastly, just keeping the mantra of “natural decisions, natural actions” for everyday life. Natural in my conversations, so as to not force conversation when silence is okay. To not say things I don’t mean or don’t believe in.

To connect more naturally as in with conversation, depth and face-to-face (or facetime!) interaction. Not having the TV on all the time. Not using social media as connection when it’s not, really.

To choose nature more in my life, as in getting outdoors! Even in the Winter! Moving my body in a natural, needed manner.

Natural is easy. Natural is kind. Natural is in alignment with self and spirit. Natural is healthy. Natural is only natural!!


S. xx

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