How to Grow Together: 8 Ways to Grow with Other People

Whether it is couples, friends, family, or whoever, here are 8 ways we can grow together and perhaps avoid growing apart


Travel together

Travelling solo is definitely something we should all try at least once. However, in terms of this blog post, I think it’s important to travel with others who are important to us.

Travel encourages growth. As long as you’re not spending all your time poolside, you are likely to take in new cultures, languages, lifestyles, customs, and cuisines by travelling around the world. Therefore, doing so with other people means we are sharing an amazing, life-changing, mind-shaping experience with those people.

Sharing that together is not only a bonding experience, but a shared experience of growth.

If there’s someone you want to grow with, who you want to help to grow, and who you want to help you to grow, then hop on a plane together! You learn a lot about yourself, them, and the world by sharing this experience.

My bedroom walls are decorated with so many photographs of myself and my partner on our travels, along with myself and my sister. Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, Johannesburg, Venice, Verona, Faro, Lagos, and so on.

These experiences helped us to grow, and doing them together meant growing together, rather than one of us having these eye-opening experiences, while the other stayed the same.


Work out together

Again, I’ve done this with my partner, my sister, my mom, and my friends. Exercise is a crucial part of life and wellness. It’s not about having a great body at all; it’s about mental wellness, strength, flexibility, stamina, and trusting your body.

Working out can be boring or hard, but this is often because we pursue it in terms of the gym or running. Firstly, you can work out any way you want to! As long as your heart rate is elevated, you are doing good for your body.

Secondly, working out with someone else often makes it easier and more fun. You have an accountability partner who keeps you motivated, while also having someone to laugh with when your face is red and you are feeling jelly-legged!

As time goes on, you will see progress. You will congratulate one another. You will push one another. You will be in it together, which is amazing.

Finding a workout routine that works for you is ever so important, and perhaps doing it with someone else will help you to solidify this habit. Before you know it, you will see results and so will your buddy, and both of you will feel good and feel connected to one another for going on this growth journey together.


Take a class together

Learning new things is again, so important. It can open our minds and improve our competence, thus improve our confidence. Learning new things can be scary or difficult, at times, though. This is why it can help to be in that boat with someone else.

Doing a class with someone you want to grow with will feel, again, easier and more fun. You will learn and grow more, perhaps, because you can work together. You can study together. You can share ideas and teach one another. You can lean on one another. You can use one another’s strengths and help one another where there are weaknesses.


Read the same things

It’s important to read, watch or do things on your own, but it can be good to do things others do, too. I’ve read books and wished that I could talk about them with other people. My partner is not a reader (yet!) and so I feel this little barrier between us. But when he started reading a book I’d read last year, I felt elated. I could talk about those deep topics and ideas with him, thus bringing us together while also encouraging growth by exploring different perspectives.


Communication and sharing

As I’ve briefly said, sharing ideas and communicating your thoughts, opinions, or learnings with others helps you both to grow. When done in a mature, openminded manner, this encourages growth in you because exploring perspectives, ideas, and concepts opens our eyes to things we wouldn’t otherwise see for ourselves.

We educate one another.

If you want to grow together, adopt a mature and openminded approach to your conversations. And open the doors to explore ideas and share what you have learned.


Cooking together

It may seem silly, but cooking with others will encourage growth in you both. Exploring new recipes and cuisines is not only fun, but it’s useful and important, too. I used to think healthy eating was a punishment. That healthy foods weren’t tasty. There were so many foods I would never imagine eating regularly.

And now, those foods are my go-to favourites!

All because my partner and I have cooked together ever since living together. I’ve learned ways to cook foods that work for me, contrast to what I was fed by others.

It feels good to put the work into what you eat. It feels good to know exactly what is being put into your body.

Cooking is a life skill. Cooking helps you grow in this area, while also growing in terms of health, too.

Good foods = good body and mind.

One person shouldn’t do all the cooking, though! I trust my partner to cook the dinner, and he trusts me. Why? Because we mostly cook together. We learn and try new things, together. We grow in this area, together.


Trying new things together

Of course, trying new things with others makes these things less scary. You can share the fear and do it together. Then, having this experience bonds you with these heightened emotions, thrills, and finding your feet as you go.

When one person knows what they’re doing and the other doesn’t, it can feel like you’re alone in the new experience; you compare yourself to the expert you’re with. But when you’re both new to something, you are on equal footing and that feels much better.

Then, once it’s done, you feel so good about yourself for giving it a go, no matter the outcome. It’s an accomplishment, and sharing that with someone special is a bonding experience like no other.


Daring things together

Lastly, similar to doing something new is doing something daring and completely out of your comfort zone. I’ve parasailed with my partner, rode a horse, quadbiked on an African safari, swung from a building and completed a 10k obstacle run. These things were not only new to me, but terrifying to me, too!

I have this tendency to suggest exciting things for us to do, then when it comes to doing them, I get scared! But, lo and behold, my partner is good at making sure we do them. I pull out the gun, he pulls the trigger, as it were! We are a good team like that.

So, when it comes to doing something daring and scary, doing it with someone else helps you to cross the finish line. It helps you to be brave and do it despite your fears. And again, once it’s done, you feel a sense of euphoria. Adrenaline kicks in and you feel on top of the world. Sharing that with someone special (partner, sibling, parent, friend, other) will bring you together, push you past your believed limits, and of course, you will both grow as a result.


Are you on a growth journey right now? Are you doing this with others, too, to help one another go further and be on the journey together? Let me know!


Take care, guys




S. xx

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