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Organisation and Decluttering Ideas at Home

It’s April and so it’s time for some Spring cleaning! Of course, with social distancing and self-isolation, too, it’s a perfect opportunity to really get into the cleaning and organisation of your home and life.

Why? Because a clean, orderly space, makes for a clean and orderly mind.

It may feel like a daunting task at first, but once you get started, your productivity will feel amazing and the snowball effect will come into play.

Here are some less obvious ideas for organising and decluttering at home…


Phone & Desktop

With all this extra time, it could be useful to finally dive into your phone (and desktop) and clear out the unnecessary things on there.


Jay Shetty had a great idea on his podcast to create virtual scrapbooks and albums on your phone. To organise photos you’ve taken into one shared folder or create a slideshow movie of them.

Plus, while you’re at it, you can delete all those photos that aren’t important anymore, saving room and reducing space on your phone.



On your phone or desktop, you should finally go through your emails and delete the ones that you just don’t need! I mean, you have the time so why not…



Organise similar apps into folders to reduce the amount of sideswiping you have to do to find what you need. This saves time and space. Plus, again, as you go, delete apps that you never use.


Spotify playlists

This is a good one. My music is a shambles! It’s the perfect opportunity to firstly, discover some new music and artists because you have the time to really dive in deep.

Secondly, to create playlists and organise albums, so that there’s not just a cluster of random music you don’t even like dotted around everywhere.

  • Create playlists by mood,
  • Occasion (work, play, exercise, yoga),
  • Tempo,
  • Artist,
  • Genre,

And lastly, clear out your “Liked” music list. I know I list songs all over the place and even accidentally Like full albums that I’ve never listened to. This creates an overpopulated clutter of songs in your Liked list. Clear this out, make it work for you. 



Next comes your bookshelf. It’s time to organise it in some way or another:

  • Books you’ve read together, books you haven’t together,
  • By colour,
  • By author (Alphabetical),
  • By genre,
  • Fiction and non-fiction,
  • To-Be-Read order

This will help you to know where everything is, and dive into whatever book you need for whatever mood/ time in your life.

Secondly, it’s time to get rid of books you don’t need, want, or know you won’t read. I used to keep books even after I’d read them, but when I thought about it, that didn’t make sense. Unless it’s a book I want to read again, a book I loved, or a book I want to lend to others, why do I need it taking up my space?

Be ruthless, donate it to charity (get a pile going for when you can leave the house and hit up the nearest charity shop!)



There’s the digital ones and the physical. If you have a cluster of photos taking up space, why not create a scrapbook or photo album which is organised by occasion, time, person, or whatever else?

I have a few scrapbooks, and a lot of trinkets and photos lying around ready to be put to use. Now is the time to put them to use!



Again, I have a lot of notebooks! Used ones, full ones, empty ones. Organise your notebooks in a few ways…

Take what you need, recycle the rest. Sometimes we think our notes are important, but let’s be real, they’re not always. So, take out the pages that are useful, and bin or recycle the rest. You don’t need a full notebook! As for the pages you do want to keep, put them in a folder like I do, organised by subject matter and need.

Second, put a pile of empty notebooks and half-used one together. So, when you need a new notebook, you don’t go straight to the shop, you instead use one from your pile. Don’t forget that you can organise and decorate notebooks to make them suit your needs better, too.



And lastly, there’s the obvious: your clothing. I got really into decluttering last year and the year before. The truth is, you don’t need as much as you think you do. You only have one body; there are only 7 days in a week. Your wardrobe doesn’t need to be bursting open!

One in, One out rule

If you are buying new things, try to get rid of something, too. Don’t go crazy doing this without thought. That defeats the point and wastes your money. I understand buying new things to replace the old; to revamp your style. That’s perfectly fine, but consider donating some items if you’re stocking up on more.



Ask yourself what the purpose of an item is. If you have something that serves the same purpose as something else, do you really need three things so similar? When buying, too, ask yourself what need that item will fulfil.

Yes, it’s pretty; yes, it’s cheap. But how often will you wear it? Is it really worth it? Does it have a purpose?

This is about being intentional about your purchasing as well as intentional about the use of your sacred space.

Your environment and your possessions matter, make sure they are serving you.


There you have it, some ideas for organisation and decluttering while at home during this time.


Take care, stay safe


S. xx



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