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Take your own advice

Have you ever given a piece of advice to a friend or loved one and then thought, “damn, that was some good advice“? But think about it, do you actually practice what you preach?

The reason I bring this up is because I know we all could do with following our own advice sometimes. My blog isn’t special. The insights and advice I give isn’t groundbreaking or profound. We all think and say these things, the difference is, I capture my advice in words.

And you should, too.

As a writer, I, well, write a lot. I capture my thoughts and ideas and share them in blogs, books, thought pieces, poems and journal entries. This means that I can read over my thoughts again and again with ease. I implore non-writers to do this, too. To get into the habit of writing down ideas and thoughts and advice that you give to others.

Because who better to get advice from than yourself?

I find that reading things in my own words helps me a lot. You can’t argue against yourself! You can’t give excuses because, well, you’re the one who said it in the first place!

This is very powerful stuff.

I have a self-help book that I published a few years ago. I like to re-read it when I’m at low points in my life to help get myself back on my feet. Because it’s a collection of advice and experiences and ideas and practices for health and wellness, right from my own mind and life!

Again, who better to help me than me?

It’s worked before and I know it can work again.

So, why not try it for yourself? Need some advice? Look within and pay attention to what you say to others…

Take care.


S. xx

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