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The Trouble With Matters of the Mind

I think some people struggle with the idea and reality of mental health, mental illness, psychology, mindset and whatever else because the mind is so complex. We are all the same but we’re all vastly different, too.

2 + 2 may equal 4 for some people.

But for others, it’s 3 – 1 that equals 4.

Or 6 – 2 that equals 4.

Or some more complex equation.

What works for one person, may be utter nonsense or unnecessary or unimportant to another.

What caused the problem for one person, may be invalid to another.

There just is no easy way to explain our minds, strengthen our minds, or help to “fix” them.

So, maybe we should stop trying to explain.

The stigma will continue the longer people argue about what’s right or what’s wrong; what works and what doesn’t; what’s real and what isn’t.

By fighting against one another, we’re forgetting to fight the actual problem.

With Mental Health Awareness Week, let’s just talk about mental health openly, fairly, honestly, and compassionately. Open your minds to differing points of view and practice kindness and respect.

This is how we combat the stigma; to change our views as a society and actually move forwards to a healthier mentality for all – ill or not.

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