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Indecision, Crisis, Paralysis (Poem)

Don’t forget to volunteer.

not because you’re a good person

but because it’ll look good on your CV.

Don’t forget to get a degree

and possibly a Masters,

just to be told that,

you don’t have any experience.

Don’t forget to work,

get some real life experience.

Learn about people,

learn to interact,

have a CV filled to the brim.

Don’t ever let go of your dream;

chase your creativity until it


Do it even when you’re poor –

especially when you’re poor!

Don’t forget to travel,

see the world,

see more than your parents

ever did.

Don’t forget to meet new people,

make connections,

network and engage,

and never settle for old friends,

or the first love interest.

Oh don’t forget to sculpt your body.

It should be a well-oiled machine,

that works to your needs,

but also fits the needs of society.

Ticks the boxes of beauty standards;

so just one more gym session,

just one meal a day.

Oh but you mustn’t miss the latest

tv show.

The one they’re all talking about,

to fit in, you have to have seen it.

But don’t forget to read the book first.

All the intelligent people,

read the book first.

Invest your money.

Buy a house.

Have a baby.

Get married.

Spend your money – life’s too short!

Who needs a house when you’re always on the road?

Kids are for the older generation.

Marriage is a lie we all tell ourselves.

Do this.

Do that.

No, do this.

Don’t do that.

Whatever it is, it’s wrong.

Whatever you do, it’s not good enough.

Whoever you want to be, it’ll never be satisfactory.








Life missed.

But I’m only in my 20s…

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