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Self-Appreciation Post: 16 Brags

*This is to remind myself that I don’t suck quite as much as I’ve been telling myself lately.

This is to lift me up.

This is to show that I’m not a failure or a loser.

And it’s also, as always, here online to inspire you to realise the truth about yourself, too. As I’m sure your achievements and qualities aren’t as bad as you think, either…*

  1. I have published 3 books (from age 18-23) and revised, marketed, and republished them when needed.
  2. I’ve written 6 complete books, many incomplete. I wrote 2 books last year, queried to real agents for the first time and submitted to competitions.
  3. Bettered my mental health. Can eat in public now, attend social events, and get less anxious.
  4. I solo travelled once and it was the scariest, hardest things ever even though it was a very short trip.
  5. I completed a year of university even when I wanted to quit and knew I was planning to quit after the first year.
  6. I’ve been self-employed for a year.
  7. I hosted my own Mental Health Awareness event.
  8. I started my own anxiety and depression support group and was the leader of said group.
  9. I went to South Africa to stay for 2 weeks with my boyfriends large family who spoke broken English but mostly Shona and I was terrified for 14 days straight.
  10. I quit my full-time job to become a freelance writer.
  11. I’ve been invited to speak at mental health related events (one of which was a fashion show and I spoke in front of over 100 people).
  12. I started my own podcast with no idea what I was doing (still don’t really know) nearly a year ago.
  13. I completed a Wolf Run (10k obstacle run/course) last year, while being the heaviest weight and most unfit I’ve ever been.
  14. I’ve travelled to 7 countries, some twice.
  15. Experiences: Parasailed, swung from Europe’s Highest Swing, rode a horse, quad bike safari in Africa, safari, ocean, Colosseum, Eiffel Tower, Red Light District, canal ride, Pantheon etc.
  16. Qualities I’m proud of: I’m brave, self-motivated, creative, honest, kind, open-minded, independent, and authentic – and I bloody well wish I remembered this more often ❤️

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