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Time to Talk Day

#TimetoTalk Day 2019:

Talking about my social anxiety and experiences with depression has been one of the most helpful parts of my recovery and coping.

Back when I thought it was this dark secret, it ate at me from the inside. It isolated me. It hurt me. It told me that I would never be enough and never be normal.

Talking to therapists helped me.

Talking to my family helped me.

Talking to friends once I got the courage helped me.

And talking every week online in the hope to help others, helps me, too.

So speak up. Just speak. Even if your voice shakes; even if you don’t really know how to put the words together – speak. Because I promise you, there’s more people out there who will listen than you may think.

And of course, everyone else, get ready to listen. Change is coming in the mental health community and that’s all of our responsibility for we all have minds that need nurturing.

Conversations help to remove the stigma and make talking about the health of our minds normal – as it should be, just as it is for the health of our bodies.

Thank you.


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