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Stop Underappreciating Writers!


That book that you will read in a week or a month took years to get to a place that was ready for an agent. Then spent years (at times) with an agent before it got to the publishers. Then years with the publishers before it got to the shelf that got it in front of you.

That author probably worked a long day job, making time for writing that book in their spare time. Sacrificing time with friends and loved ones. Sacrificing sleep and health to get it there to you.

The book wasn’t written in one sitting; nor was it edited once. It went through hundreds of drafts, rewrites, criticism, and edits before being ready.



That blog post that you read, or the blog that you’re subscribed to, went through years of finding itself and putting out content to a non-existent audience. This writer posted in their lunchtimes, writing from their phone at any spare moments. They reached out to people and got hundreds if not thousands of rejections or worse, were simply ignored.

They tried to keep positive, but inevitably, there were times when they just wanted to quit. Maybe they did quit because they didn’t see how their blog – however great it was – would ever be noticed in a world of constant content and noise. But somehow, they managed to keep writing every week, perhaps every day, facing disappointment and rejection each time.



Those films you love came from a writer. Without a writer(s) it would not exist. Whether it was an adaptation from a book or written by a screenplay writer/scriptwriter, the film was once just lines on a page.

Those amazing lines that those amazing actors are saying came from the mind and hard work of a writer who you may never even know the name of, and who got paid significantly less than the actors, director, and producers of the film.


Media, Merch, Marketing

That product description that made you buy that jacket was written by a content writer. That website that makes millions of dollars a year was written by writers. That advert, that food packet, that slogan, that film description, that billboard, that poster…all came from writers!

Their work is literally everywhere you turn, yet you never think of the writer who wrote the catchy or interesting thing that you just read. No, you just think of the brand or item or person that’s being sold.



Information is passed on through generations due to writers. The history books, the health guides, the rulebooks, the classical literature that shapes our language and mannerisms and understanding of societal changes all came from writers.

Our world is made up of ages of information, and yes there’s word of mouth, but it’s mainly writing that passed it on. Our society, our world, our language, our relationships and connectivity…all comes from a written text that writers, well, wrote!


So the next time you underpay a writer, think about this post. The next time you underappreciate a writer’s job, think about this post. The next time you call someone out for “still writing that book” or “not selling many books” or making an error, think about this post. The next time you interrupt a writer and undervalue the work that goes into the craft…well, you know what to do. *wink face*

Writing is a lonely venture. It involves years of rejection, self-doubt, fatigue, longterm projects, criticism, self-editing, scrapped projects, wasted paper, trial and error, being ignored, and having to constantly prove your value. So do us a favour, please, and be more understanding! And if you are a writer yourself, know that you’re not losing as much as you may think.


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