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Who Are You, Aside From…

Who are you aside from your race?

Who are you aside from your nationality?

Who are you aside from your sexual orientation?

Who are you aside from your job?

Who are you aside from your parental or marital status?

Who are you aside from your bank account?

Because in truth, none of these things give any indication to who you really are. Unless your job is your passion, your dream, your love – is it really anything to do with who you are? I’d say no.

Your sexual orientation says nothing about you at all. Sadly, it’s only those who aren’t heterosexual that feel defined by their sexual orientation and this is so wrong. You are not who you are attracted to. When asked who I am, I’d never say I’m straight…so why would someone need to say they’re gay (etc.)? It’s not an indication to what you’re like as a person, is it?

Nor is race! Being black doesn’t mean there’s a set of rules or a list of traits that goes along with that. So, who are you aside from that?

Being a mother or father or being married also says nothing about who you are, what you love, what you do, what you dream about, how you tackle life, what your likes and dislikes are, or anything else! So that’s not you, either. There’s many mothers out there and no two are the same just because they’re mothers!

Just some food for thought there because I think many of us would struggle answering these questions and that some of us are too quick to define ourselves as our race or sexual orientation or nationality without realising that those things don’t show you you are at all to a person who’s not closed-minded! It’s only the narrow-minded who would think you’re this thing or that thing because they know you’re black or gay!

These labels can be damaging. Be careful before you choose to wear them.

I’d sooner say…

I’m a Ravenclaw!

I’m a INFJ

I’m a writer

I’m a lifestyle blogger

I’m a fantasy author

I’m a reader

I’m an empath

I’m a fighter

I’m neat and organised

I’m a balance between silly and strict

I’m a self-proclaimed nerd

I’m a helper

I’m a film lover

I’m …a great many things, actually…

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