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New Woman (poem)

With all the new things that have happened to me, and the new clothes, new friends, new situations, I feel like I’m becoming a new woman, hence this poem…


New Woman

Who knew that a person could gain a new coat of paint?

And that this paint had the power to change


Clad in fresh clothes,

underwear that fits and flatters,

curves and clings,

in all the right places.

Damn, I look good!

Was this body here all along?

Was it, was I, hiding underneath the

greying white bras,

and knickers punctured with holes – how did they get there?

This coat, god, it was made

for me!

It’s heavy and thick

like an armour.

I’m ready for battle.

Ready for anything.

Oh, and these boots,

how I walk so tall in them – even without the heels!

Has my walk morphed into a strut?

Do I strut, now?


And I bought these;


Not him.

Not mom.


With my money.

Bargain hunter, I might be,

but these clothes found me.

They knew I needed them.

Independent woman,

you’re back!

It’s nice to see you, again.

New woman, you’re rocking this fresh


It was always yours,

you just needed to shed the dead pieces

of you.

They see you now.

You can breathe again, now that you’re wearing a coat that


Employed, tick!

Studying hard, tick!

Growing, oh boy, tick!

Wielding that strong writer’s arm, flexing that creative muscle?

You bet’cha!

People, they gravitate towards this change in you.

They want to know you.

They want to know how you did it.

It’s a secret; your secret.


But really, here it is:

You just gotta be brave enough

to let go of the old,

and welcome the new.

Difficult decisions, perhaps, but

take that step, girlfriend.

The next right step.

And soon, in good time,

the right time, you’ll see

in the mirror

a new woman, born from the ashes.

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