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List of Celebrities Who Have Struggled With Their Mental Health

Being famous does not mean you get to avoid pain, illness, or suffering. Here is a list of celebrities who have struggled with their mental health:

Kendrick Lamar – depression and suicidal thoughts

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson – depression

Ellen DeGeneres – depression after coming out

Prince Harry – depression

Ryan Reynolds – anxiety

Catherine Zeta-Jones – bipolar disorder

Cristina Ricci – anorexia

Kate Winslet – anorexia and bulimia (weight loss addiction)

Emma Stone – panic attacks and anxiety

Cara Delevingne – depression

Pete Davidson – borderline personality disorder

Noah Cyrus – depression

J.K. Rowling – depression

Miley Cyrus – depression

Nicole Scherzinger – bulimia

Amanda Seyfried – anxiety (sort therapy) and OCD

Olivia Munn – social anxiety and trichotillomania (pull out own hair)

Mariah Carey – bipolar disorder

Carrie Fisher – bipolar disorder

Pete Wentz – bipolar disorder

David Beckham – OCD

Leonardo DiCaprio – OCD

Oprah Winfrey – anxiety

Taylor Swift – anxiety

Lili Reinhart – anxiety

Demi Lovato – bipolar disorder

Shawn Mendes – Anxiety

Kristen Bell – anxiety and depression

Chrissy Teigan – postpartum depression

Hayden Panettiere – postpartum depression

Kristen Stewart – anxiety

Camila Cabello – OCD

Lady Gaga – PTSD from rape at 19

Chris Evans – social anxiety

James Franco – addiction and depression

Justin Bieber – depression from fame

Zayn Malik – extreme anxiety and eating disorder

Brittany Snow – anorexia for 9 years

Jon Hamm – addiction and chronic depression

Drew Barrymore – drug and alcohol addiction and suicide

Wentworth Miller – suicidal thoughts and attempts

Busy Philipps – social anxiety and postpartum anxiety

Sarah Silverman – depression

Colin Farrell – depression drugs and alcohol addiction




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