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Life is too damn short

Life is too short to waste time being angry at people you love.

Too short to ask “why?” and dwell on the past.

Too short to wait for apologies.

Too short to blame people (or yourself) for things going wrong.

Too short to wait for summer, the weekend, and holidays.

Too short to waste time doing things that don’t make us feel good.

Too short to worry about “what if?”

Too short to hold back on going after our dream lives.

Too short to harbour negative emotions like anger, resentment, fear, grief, sorrow, self-pity, comparison, bitterness, and judgement.

Too short to forget to play.

Too short to hide your self (your true self) away.

Too short to not just buy the shoes.

Too short to not say “I love you.”

Too short to take the people we love for granted and not spend time with them.

Too short to do anything except what makes us feel alive.

Because if you keep thinking you have forever, you’ll do the worst possible thing you can do –


Waiting costs lives. Waiting steals time. Waiting causes missed opportunities. Waiting increases fear. Waiting tires you out. Waiting changes your perspective. Waiting bores people. Waiting makes you ill. Waiting makes people leave.

Don’t get lost in that place of wait. Don’t be that person who says, “oh, I’ll do it tomorrow…next month…next year.”

Because you may not get that time. Your future isn’t promised to you.

Don’t wait to ask him out – ask him.

Don’t wait to write the book – write it.

Don’t wait to board the plane – board it.

Don’t wait to fill your heart – fill it.


Because, sadly and truthfully, LIFE. IS. TOO. GODDAMNED. SHORT.

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