26 of the Best Experiences of My 26 Years

Today is my birthday and so I’m sharing 26 of the best experiences of my life so far. This isn’t to brag or to force you to do these, but to encourage you to look back at all you’ve done and appreciate the experiences and lessons they gave you.

So, in no particular order, here are 26 of my best experiences:

  1. Going abroad alone
  2. Quad Bike safari experience
  3. Going to South Africa
  4. Finding love and committing
  5. Learning how to cook and trying new things
  6. Working in a school
  7. Getting a dog!
  8. Running a Wolf Run (10k obstacle race)
  9. Writing for all of my life in many forms (and publishing/sharing my creations)
  10. Acupuncture
  11. Creating a podcast
  12. Swinging from Europe’s Highest Swing
  13. Creating my blog
  14. Parasailing
  15. Going to Harry Potter Warner Bros Studios in London (4 times…)
  16. Leaving jobs or places I wasn’t happy or healthy in
  17. Taking jobs and doing a course I didn’t think I was capable of doing
  18. Moving out into my own space with my partner
  19. Reading more often and more widely
  20. Meeting new people and forming new friendships
  21. Countless trips to the cinema and even outdoor cinemas
  22. Going to therapy (4 times)
  23. Starting to do yoga, meditation and journaling
  24. Hosting my own local Mental Health Awareness event; speaking at a Mental Health Awareness fashion show
  25. Attending author events to hear them speak (especially the 5 authors who are black women)
  26. Meeting my nephew/the new generation being born into my family

Why? Why were these my best experiences? Instead of a long explanation for each, which you don’t have time for, here are some they have in common:

  • They took bravery because I was most likely terrified to my core and almost didn’t do them
  • They were thrilling which reminds me what living and being alive is
  • They took me out of my comfort zone
  • They tested old beliefs I have about myself and my life
  • They helped me to grow and change
  • They were healthy decisions
  • They were daring decisions
  • They align with my values
  • They were fun!
  • They enabled me to connect to others more deeply
  • They helped me understand myself better
  • They were creative and freeing

Happy birthday to me! Thank you for your continued support and attention, it means the world…


S. xx

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