How to Do Things You Don’t Want to Do

That thing that you find hard – you know what it is – try to make it enjoyable! Try to make it seem as pleasurable and good for you as you can…

There are things we don’t want to do, like studying, exercising, visiting estranged family members, or the like. However, these are usually things we have to do in order to be successful, happy, healthy, or a generally good person.

As long as you have good reasons for the things you’re doing (or trying to do), you will need to find a tool that works in your favour. A tool that gets your excited (even a little!) to do that thing.

Here are some of my ideas to get you motivated to do things you don’t want to do…



Similar to a rewards system, try out if/then sentences.

If I study for an hour, then I can watch TV for 30 minutes. If I cook healthier meals this week, then I can go out with my friends on the weekend. If I do this thing for my partner, then we can do something I wan to do next time.

It’s about getting yourself to feel like it’s something worth doing. Something that seems more favourable because it is tied to something you do want.



One that I like, and don’t even think about much now, is one that reminds me of how good something is for me.

When eating a meal that isn’t heavily fried and processed, I say to myself “This is so good for me! My body loves this!” I focus on how it’s making my body cleaner and stronger. I really zoom in on how I feel afterwards. How I could jump and run after a meal because it was good for me, rather than feeling lethargic and heavy after a fatty, hearty meal.

The same goes for going for a jog or doing yoga or meditation. I think of a mantra (a saying of sorts) that hones in on how good this is for my body and my overall sense of wellness.

I like to feel like I can move my body and use my brain effectively, not feel restrained and cluttered and heavy. And so, I focus on how these healthy habits are making me feel the way I want (and need) to feel.

Therefore, isn’t it a winning scenario to just go ahead and do it?



When it comes to things you do for others, it can help to motivate you by thinking about how it makes them feel. If my mom asks me to do something I don’t want to do, I automatically resist. But I’m trying to be more open-minded and compassionate. To think of things from her perspective. She needs help, hence she asked for it. I would hate to feel like no one was willing to help me, and so, it’s only right that I help her.

Or attending an event. Your friend or partner wants you to go but you don’t want to. As long as you’re not literally making yourself miserable for someone else (time and time again), why not think about how much it would mean to them? This will help you get dressed up, ready to go in order to make your partner feel good.

After all, shouldn’t we care about making those we love feel good? (and vice versa, of course!)



And lastly, think about how great you’re going to feel once something is done. Whether it’s a long-term thing or a short-term one, think about the end destination. How great will it feel? How accomplished will you feel?

Let this be your motivation to take those steps towards that end result. Don’t focus too much on how far you have to go, of course. But do, every now and then, remind yourself of how brilliant it is going to feel with that sense of completion and triumph!


Give these mindsets and tools and try to get going on doing things you don’t really want to do. Good luck!




S. xx



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