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How to Enjoy Winter: 20 Good Things About Wintertime

It can be easy to slip into a low mood in the wintertime. S.A.D. (Seasonal Affected Disorder) is a real mental health issue, where the change in the seasons and the shorter days can cause us to feel depressed. I’ve suffered from this for years. However, if we try, we can see the good things that come with the colder months. Then, focusing on these little things can help us to make it through to Spring…

Here are 20 good things about the winter:

  1. Hot showers
  2. Reading nooks
  3. Blankets and film marathons
  4. Autumn leaves
  5. Vibes fit for writing emotive poetry
  6. Clear night’s sky
  7. Cosy dressing gowns
  8. Hot chocolates
  9. Sitting by a fire and sharing stories
  10. Christmas dinner
  11. Slowing down
  12. Christmas Day!
  13. New Year/ New Calendar (fresh start/ rebirth, new goals, newness)
  14. Harry Potter
  15. Christmas films!
  16. Snow and frost
  17. Winter sports (take part or watch)
  18. Christmas Markets
  19. Fireworks
  20. Gift giving


Enjoy this time of year and before you know it, the plants will come to life once more and we’ll be welcoming Spring…


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