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How to Stop Being Tired All The Time

Aside from getting more sleep (getting the right amount), here are some ideas from me on what might be making you feel tired all the time and the fixes you can make to feel like you have more energy.



It is important to take note of your surroundings as they may be making you feel low in energy each day. Not stimulating, poor lighting, or drab environments can make you feel tired.

It can be hard to feel invigorated while having to bear the same four walls every day. Of course, some people have offices and so naturally they can’t just up and leave. But you can spice up your space; you could ensure you’re not going from home to work exclusively each day and instead mix it up by going to other places and doing other things, too.

If the lighting or temperature or something is off, tell your boss. They might be able to help you but you won’t know unless you ask.



Is the work you’re doing the problem? Are you not challenging yourself enough? Just mundane tasks, boring people, or the like? Is there something you could do about it?

Your work usually takes up most of your time, so ensure that it is stimulating enough for you, otherwise, you’re bound to feel tired all the time.

High levels of stress can also cause fatigue, so find that balance!



Food isn’t just for hunger, it’s for energy and health. Eating the wrong foods means you could be setting yourself up to feel tired all day. You need vitamins and minerals in your diet to ensure that your body and mind are working at their best. If not, your body and mind can feel tired (among other things).



Just like food, water plays a key role in our tiredness levels and energy. You need to stay appropriately hydrated throughout the day to ensure that you don’t feel exhausted and drained of energy.

The basic recommendation for water is 2 litres a day. However, you will need to adapt this to your personal needs and lifestyle. If you’re on the go a lot, being very active, you may need a lot more.


Too comfortable

I sometimes make the mistake of working from my bed when I work from home. Naturally, being super comfy in the place where I sleep is not the optimal environment for enthused work ethic! Instead, I feel sleepy or unmotivated and just want to chill.

Be comfortable in your day, but be careful that you’re not so comfortable that you feel ready to sleep! Find that balance.



One of the reasons why some people feel tired and low on energy in the winter months is because of the lack of sunlight. We all need the sun and appropriate lighting to feel awake and maintain a healthy body clock. If you aren’t getting out in the sun, or you have a windowless space, or the lighting is poor, this could be why you feel tired all the time.

Get some vitamin D through sunlight as much as you can, even in the winter months.



Sitting around all day every day is not what we humans should be doing. We’re social, active animals who need to move around for health and happiness. If you’re feeling tired all the time, it might be due to too much inactivity.

Again, I get it; in this day and age many of us are working from offices 9 to 5, but that doesn’t mean you can’t weave activity into your day.

  • Go on walks at breaktime
  • Walk to work, cycle to work, take the stairs
  • Exercise before or after work
  • Stand up and stretch every hour
  • Get a hobby or do a sport in the evenings and weekends
  • Use your weekends for doing things, not just rest and watching Netflix!



It’s important to know yourself. What brings you joy? What makes you feel excited, awake, alive? We’re not all the same and so the same things won’t always interest us or keep us feeling energised. This is why you need to know yourself personally.

Introverts generally lose energy from crowds or highly stimulating environments. They gain energy from things like introspection, focused tasks and time alone.

Extroverts will be energised by people and activity, and feel less energy with slower tasks or alone time.

This is just one consideration that could be contributing to your tiredness on a personal level. Consider what might be affecting your day personally.


If you’re tired all the time, consider the things on this list and make adjustments where needed to feel more energised.

Good luck!


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